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About Me

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Hi there Blogger Friends

Shuna here

I wanted to tell you a little more about myself

First thing you should know is that I have an weird relationship with my bed

That's right you read that correctly! Most people dream about cars the will never have, houses that they definitely will not keep clean, or money that they will never never never have!

I on the other hand dream about my bed

I whisper sweet nothings to it

Dream about it when I am not near

and all around miss it!

Don't You Dare Judge Me

In normal news I love shopping

Peacoats, shoes, nail polish, perfume and dressess are my victims

In my spare time I shop, travel,watch a ton of movies and NCIS ( my fav TV show by the way), read, and make things

I don't however love to cook, clean,or do yard work! I would however move into a house that looks like a mini forest with lots of trees and grass and escaping yard work has become quite futile!
My dad just bought me a lawnmower! What am I supposed to do with that?

I love patterns and bright colors and I have a smallish obsession with shoes

This is my foot by the way

In case you were wondering ;)


I hope you enjoying reading these pointless tidbits about ME!

Peace Out Peeps


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