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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kindergarten Happenings and Lie Revealed

Hiya there Peepers

Shuna here 

First up 

There really should be some sort of celebration!

I hate doing the dishes

Like with a passion

Moving on

Now for the 

the winners of the morning work packs

Congrats to Kristen Jenkins 

and for the Math pack 

Karyn who correctly picked number 4 as the lie

Have you checked out these two awesome pin boards? 

There are lots of great FREEBIES pinned

Make sure you check them out!

We have been working really hard on our alphabet skills. Almost all of my kinders know their letter names and alphabet sounds! I am in shock because this has never happened to me before. My kinders this year actually know they are on planet Earth! I am excited 
Anyhoo they did this quick Alphabet Spy activity and they loved it! 
This is a freebie for my FB fans
You can get the freebie HERE by clicking on the fans only tab 

We are also working on number words. My kiddos are much stronger in reading/language arts than math this year so we have to work a little harder at math skills. 
This is also a fan freebie that you can get HERE

Alphabet Practice with beginning sounds

This sheet is a part of my Alphabet Antics pack if you care to check that out

I love play dough mats because my littles need lots of practice with fine motor skills. I am not allowed to have "play" centers so I have to find a way to create developmentally appropriate centers for my littles. One of the ways that I do this is by pairing a "play" center with a skill so when my admin comes in I can explain why my littles are "playing."
For this center the kiddos used playdough to practice color words. 
You can get this pack as a freebie on my FB fan page

More playdough centers 

These are apart of my Alphabet Antics pack

Letter writing and building with playdough

Letter Sorting using letter magnets

Peace Out Peeps

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  1. Looks like your class is having so much fun learning!
    Have a great week!
    Crayons and Curls

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your freebies with your FB fans. I have your Alphabet pack in my wishlist... :)
    Kinders on the Block

  3. I am SO excited to have won your October math pack! I cannot wait to get it and use it with my kids! Thank you SOOOOOO much!


  4. Thanks so much for entering! Your email is on the way

  5. My son had a fantastic relationships with all of the teachers. He would hug each one before we were leaving from there. If that isn't the sign of a good school, I'm not sure what is.
    Phoenix kindergarten


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