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Monday, October 28, 2013

My Truth Monday and Educents Freebie

Hiya there Peeps

Shuna here

I am linking up with Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade for her

Y'all get to peek at how weird I really am! 

I am really super picky about the food that I will eat. I am a big on food texture. 

I blogged about my crazy eating habits HERE

It has a list of over 30 foods that I won't touch with a ten foot pole! 

I am that girl that is afraid of her own shadow! You DO NOT want to take me to the movies to see a scary 

movie. Others have tried....didn't work!

I have been dragged to see scary movies even though I have warned people 

but they will always say, "It isn't even that scary!"

After about 5 minutes in my friends begin to regret their decision 

Embarrassment ensues 

I scream and cry the whole freakin time'

while covering my eyes

I will probably poop my pants and stink up the whole place

Then they have to take me and my poopy pants home




I will probably stab you 

I can't stand hanging skin either

It does something to me 

I just have to pull it off


and other people! 

Even it is starts to bleed

It has to go! 

November Math Morning Work is now posted!

Last thing

Have you checked out Educents lately?

Heather has posted a freebie pack on Educents that is quite amazing

Hop over and check it out

Happy Teaching 

Peace Out Peeps
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Friday, October 25, 2013

Five for Friday {Freebie}

Hiya there Peeps

Shuna here

Here's to making it through another week!

I am so excited today that I get to link up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs
Can you believe this is my first time?!

Fall is definitely here! We went on a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch and it was beautiful. The kiddos got to go on a hay ride and pick their own pumpkins to take home. 
The kiddos had fun
My allergies did not....sigh

This little gem of a conversation happened this week. This conversation took place first thing Wednesday morning and totally caught me off guard. It took me a minute to realize what the little was talking about but once I did I wanted out! The things that kinders say. I am linking up with Crystal at Kreative in Kinder for her Kids Say the Funniest  Things linky. You should hop over and check it out

I posted this picture on my fan page and my fans went nuts. I wore these to school on Tuesday I believe. I usually don't wear heels to school but for some reason Tuesday I wanted to rock them. 

Yes I wore them all day

No I did not fall

Went to one of my favorite restaurants this week
I am super duper allergic to seafood but I love their chicken dishes
I have to sit outside so that my face doesn't swell up like a blimp
but it is so worth it! 
 Plus the messaged bib is awesome!
I wore mine proudly

I actually got around to actually writing a blog post this week. I don't know about you but I always struggle with creating centers that are simple and fun for my students without having to spend a ton of money. 
Hop over to my Teaching Cheap post to see a super easy and fun center idea. 
While you are there pick up several printables that you can use to implement this center idea. 

Click the pic below to get this FREEBIE pack

Peace Out Peeps

Happy Friday
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Teaching Cheap {Week 1}

Hiya there Peeps

Shuna here 

I hope all is well in your teaching world

My littles are doing quite well! I am thrilled with their progress this year


I have been meaning to write a post about cheap and easy centers, that you can do in your 

classroom that require little to no money, for awhile now. I love doing centers and I love to find 

fun and engaging centers that my students will love. Sometimes making centers can become quite 

expensive and we all know how HIGHLY paid teachers are, right?!

I created two pin boards that are full of ideas that teachers can use to DIY their own centers

You can check out the boards by clicking each picture

I am going to TRY to post a fun and simple idea as often as possible

First up is an idea that I found and adapted

This week I tried a fun idea that I found on Pinterest by way of School Time Snippets

This a great center that not only works on fine motor skills but can also be adapted to suit so many skills! 

To make the Playdough Dig center gather all your materials. We are working on beginning sounds so I used letter magnets. You could also hide number magnets or tiles inside to make it a math center. 

The easiest way for me to make the Playdough Dig ball is to roll out the playdough as flat as I could get it then insert the letters. 

Once you have rolled out the playdough place the letters on it. 
Don't push the letters down because it will cut the playdough and will pop out when you roll it up. 

I rolled it up and kinda pushed the sides in a bit. The letters will move around but that is alright. 

Next you are going to make a new layer and place the letters on. Place the first ball in the center of the new layer. 

Roll the second layer around the first one. You may have to rearrange some letters that fall off. 
You can just stick them on anywhere on the ball. 

This is how both layers looked when I rolled them together.

I then rolled out a 3rd layer and placed it over the ball making sure all the letters were covered. 

The finished project!!!

To store I placed in a plastic Ziploc bag. 

After students have completed their dig I had them make the ball for the next group of students that visited that center. You may have to model how you want them to make the ball. When introducing my centers for the week I model for them how I wanted them to clean up this station and get it ready for the next group. They did really well with it! They all wanted to make it hard for the next group of students to find the letters so they covered them up pretty well. 

I am super duper excited by this simple and fun center

Over the past few weeks we have done several Playdough Dig centers and the kiddos love them.

* Please be aware that this is the end of the month and the ink fairy hasn't visited me yet :)*

You may proceed

Students practiced matching uppercase and lowercase letters.

 Digging for numbers

Digging and matching numbers

Digging and matching beginning sounds

The centers you could create are endless! 

I created several pages that you can use to get you started with this center idea. 

You can get all of these pages and more as a 

Do you have any awesome ideas for a playdough dig station? I would love to hear them. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think

Ferris..... Bueller....anyone?!

Make sure you check out this amazing freebie deal on Educents

Pin It

Peace Out Peepers

Happy Teaching
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