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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Technology In the Classroom

Hiya there peepers

Shuna here

A FB fan contacted me about a website that he started to share classroom games that he created and he wanted me to check it out. I am always on the lookout for great technology sites that my kiddos can use, so I went and peeped it out. I liked what I saw so I asked Brain to write a guest post to tell a little more about his site! is an educational website with nearly 30 games that reinforce Common Core standards in a fun and interactive manner. As a teacher or parent, you can ask your children to load up and rest assured they are practicing the basic skills needed to succeed in school. Developed by an elementary teacher with childrens' education in mind, has games for math, reading, spelling, and language arts. There is no need to sign up for an account, and all games are free for anyone to play. 

    Because the games at are simple, easy to load, and focus on specific skills, they make great centers. One of the more popular games is called Snowball Fight. In this game, children are presented with a math problem and have to throw a virtual snowball at the "bully" whose shirt contains the correct answer. Another game allows the children to control a storm cloud, containing a short passage. Below the cloud are three trees. One of the trees contains the main idea to the passage in the storm cloud, and the child gets to send a bolt of lightning to the tree with the correct answer (great sound effects in this game!). 

    Games at are also a great tool for children who finish their work early, or perhaps, those who may need to work a grade level behind to reinforce certain skills taught in earlier grades. Many games offer a choice as to what grade range the student would like to play. Some of the games even track a letter grade and can be used as a form of basic assessment by parents and teachers. 

    Many of the games also allow two players (or groups) to complete. Tic-Math-Toe is a great game for two children to play against each other; they are not permitted to place their X or O on the board unless they get a math problem correct. Flash Card Races is a game where two groups can compete on a Smartboard (or other projected screen) to see how quickly a child can get an answer correct. It tracks scores, allows the children to create team names, and even gives them options on the rules of the race.

    Whether the games at are used in groups, with a friend, or simply in isolation, children are learning and practicing the skills needed to succeed in elementary school. The next time one of your students is finished and says they have nothing to do, have them load up a few games at and enjoy learning

There are some great games for K/1 as well as uppers there. I have asked Brain if he was going to continue to add games to the site and he said he would. I am excited to see what new games he is going to add! 
I am thinking these will make great whole group games in kinder! 

Peace Out Peeps!

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