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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random Happenings! { Task Card Tuesday}

Hiya there Peepers

Shuna here

This post is going to be a bit random and all over the place

but since you are here you probably 

already know that I am the queen of random!

This post has absolutely no rhyme or reason


The groundhog predicted that Spring was here, right?

Well according to my book he is a big fat L.I.A.R.!

Look at all this spring time weather


The weather seems to be on some sort of drug

It has been all kinds of random

Me no likey at all

Somebody please fix it


I just finished up this pack on Oviparous Animals and I am really proud of it!

This truly was a labor of love

There are a bunch of fun science goodies included in this pack! Click here if you would like to check it out!

---Chirp, Chirp---

How cute is this? We just finished up compound words 
Which was so much fun to teach
The kiddos really go into it
To concluded the unit we made these cute crafts from Hadar
They turned out pretty darn cute considering they did these all by themselves!

You can click here to see some vids that I used to teach compound words and pick up a compound word task card FREEBIE!

We also have been hard at work in our spelling stations

You can check out more about my spelling stations here 

This week is Easter week

We are going to have an Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddos at school on Thursday.

It is going to be a fun filled day

The one thing that I hate the most is stuffing all the eggs

Last year, no joke, it took me 4 hours to stuff those darn eggs

This year I can up with a genius idea

If I do say so myself

Child Labor!

Yep I put the kiddos to work stuffing their own eggs

---Chirp,Chirp, Beep---

We have started to learn how to tell time

This is one of the skills that I loathe to teach!

I found this cute idea for teaching the kiddos how to tell time from Amanda

That brings me to the Task Cards for this Week

Telling Time to the quarter

Click each picture to download

Read and Draw

Read and Write

You can pick up the other

Telling Time Task Cards here

I would love for you to sprinkle some love below and leave me a chirp!

Peace Out Peepers


  1. Oh my goodness Shuna!! That oviparous unit looks AMAZING!!

  2. Love the oviparous unit. I agree the weather is beyond CRAZY!


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