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Friday, January 4, 2013

Facebook Blog Scavenger hunt!

Hiya peepers

Shuna here

I just wanted to stop in and tell you about the awesomeness that is happening on FB on this 

Sunday at 3:00! I have joined up with a few of my fabulous friends to host a FB Blog Fans 

Scavenger hunt! Sound fun right

So here is the deal 

There are 16 bloggers participating and each is donating a fan-ta-bu-lous prize

To win all you have to do is follow the clues and leave a comment on the person's FB page with 

the correct answer

I will give the first clue on my FB page here at 3 p.m. central time on Sunday

Once you figure out what fabulous blogger my clue refers to leave their name or link in the 

comments! All fans who answer the clue correctly will be entered into the individual drawing as

well as the big drawing!

To find the next clue you will hop over to that person's FB page, you can get to it by visiting their

blog and clicking on the FB button in the sidebar,  and read your next clue

There are 16 clues so that is 16 chances to win

There will be a winner for each clue 

Each winner will then be put into the big drawing where they will have a chance to win it all!

Before we look at the prizes here are the rules

* you must follow each person's FB page!

( You can do this before hand but we will check to make sure that you are a follower!)

* You can only comment once to each clue {So make it good}

*You can comment between the times 3p.m. central time and 7p.m. central time

*Winners will be announced at 8p.m.

( If the random number thingy chooses you as a winner and you have not followed each FB
another winner will be chosen)

Take a look at the prizes that will go into the big drawing

Pst, this may or may not be your little cheat sheet

First up is 

Me, hehe

That is all for now

Peace Out Peeps

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  1. This is TOO absolutely cute, fun, and SWEEEET!!! Thanks for all of your amazing enthusiasm!!! Can't wait til Sunday!! :)

  2. What a fun idea! Cannot wait :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees


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