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Monday, November 26, 2012

A Quick Tip

Hiya Peeps

Shuna here

Do you do morning meeting in your class?

I love it

I always try to make it hands on so that the kiddos are working with me instead of just watching me.

On of the things that we do during our morning meeting time is practice on our handwriting and sentence structure.

My kiddos handwriting this year sucks major behind

I am talking 

taking up 3 lines to write 1 freaking letter

no space

writing so small you need a super duper microscope to see it

Handwriting this year is seriously draining me


I have some white boards in with handwriting lines on them that I scooped up from Target at the beginning of the year but stupid me did not get a class set


what is a girl to do?

I had a set of these left over from when I had a projector and thought that I would put them to use

and some regular handwriting paper and you are all set to go

You can also use sheet protectors too

As you can see we are still working on letter reversals too

Another tip 

Do your kiddos argue over what color marker they get?

That is one thing that drove me crazy!!!!!!!!

Yes all the !!!!! are needed

I started to put all my markers into a bucket 

Ugh I know I have a picture somewhere but I can't seem to find it

I put all the makers in a sock and pass out the socks

That way the kiddos don't know what color they are getting which means no fussing and they can use the sock as an eraser

Don't forget to stock up during the Cyber Monday + Tuesday sale

Cute graphic from Ashley Hughes

Okie dokie smokie

peace out peepers
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1 comment:

  1. LOOOVVVVEEEE the marker in the sock idea! I always tell my kids, "It doesn't matter what color you have" and they say, "It JUST matters that you HAVE one." Jeesh! haha!

    WILD About First Grade!


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