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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Swat, Witches and a Freebie

Hiya Peepers

How is your week going

Mine pretty well

The fall weather has set in, the kiddos have started to float down from whatever planet they were 

on and we are making progress!

This week  I introduced the game SWAT to my kiddos 

Boy did it go over well

How could it not?

Give a kiddo a fly swatter and let them run around 


We played SWAT to review the beginning sounds of  some of the letters that we have learned.

I picked two students and told them to spin around as fast as they could with their eyes closed

After the were sufficiently dizzy I told them to open their eyes and I called out a word

The kiddos had to identify the sound that they heard at the beginning of the word and find the letter 

that makes that sound!

Here are the kiddos spinning around

This was so fun to watch

I said the word  rose and watched them go

The girls were spanking the boys' tail!

Going again

Simple game but it gets the kiddos up moving and learning

Moving to learn

Just my style

We also made some cute little witches using Tracy's Cute Witch Pack Templates

We have restrictions on how much that we can copy so I used Tracy's templates to make my 


If you would like to check it out click the pic

I just finished up a little freebie for the new Kinderland blog

If you would like to check it out click the pic below

Peace out Peeps


  1. I love the SWAT game. I have done this as a small group, but never as a whole group. What a great idea to let them find the letter around the room. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Who doesn't love a little swat?! I love that you have them spin!! How FUN!!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  3. Haha WINNING is right!! How fun! Sounds like the start to a great book..."If You Give a Kid a Fly Swatter"

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

    1. oh love that idea

      I might just have to write one!

  4. Super fun idea!! Another new activity to try out! Love the letters on the wall!

  5. Glad to see you're in the holiday mood because I BOO-ed you! Stop by my blog to check it out:

  6. I love this idea... could get crazy with all of my kids up running around, how many swatters do you give out at a time?

    1. I set my ground rules first and if they break them they know they can't play anymore!

      I usually only have 2 go at a time


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