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Monday, September 3, 2012

Lakeshore Love, Ramblings and Some Goodies

Hiya peepers

Shuna P here

Let me first start by saying thank you for sticking around

I have been a terrible no good horrible blogger this summer!

I tried to blogged but I came up short I guess


We are off to a bumpy start to our school year

We are 3 weeks in but it seems like we have missed a complete week of school due to Hurricane Issac

We were out of school Wednesday and Thursday and will be out today for Labor Day

I really want my students to get their routines down solid but it seemed like over the two days we were out they seem to have forgotten everything! 

I have a bunch of chatty kiddos this year in my class

They are the most well behaved class but

I have 16 girls and 8 boys so 

we are working on the cackling!

If you have been reading along you know that my school district just adopted Journeys but

we would start the year without any materials.

Well we finally got all of our materials 

2 weeks in and it came 

in the middle of my letter E instruction!

I mean I was teaching my heart out about Edna the Elephant and I turned around and a small mountain was forming 

Now I don't know about you but when I get new goodies it is like Christmas and I just have to explore

I also got my enVision books too

I have never used Journeys before and I think that I am going to like it

Anyone used this program before?

I will have Labor Day to look it over then will have to start using it Tuesday


A couple of weeks ago Kim from Lakeshore emailed me! To my surprised I could pick out one game for my students to try out. I picked Lakeshores Language Lacers

One of the main reasons that I picked these out is because they provide great fine motor practice as well as practicing essential phonics skills

My kiddos love love love these little shoes

Since this is the beginning of the year I only have a few students where were ready to practice with these shoes but I am looking forward to using these with all of my kiddos later in the year!

I love this game because it allows you to help your kiddos practice phonemic awareness tasks (rhyming, beginning sounds, medial sounds and  ending sounds) in a fun way.... 

Lakeshore is offering for my fans 

up to $15 off of your purchases


I have taken full advantage of the 4 day weekend!

If you would like to check these out you can click on each pic


Do you follow Tessa @ Tales from Outside the Classroom?

Why you ask?

Humor me 

Pretend like you did

I am giving away one of my for sale items away for 

but you have to follow her blog to find out when and what!

Peace Out Peeps
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  1. I piloted Journeys last year for the last couple of months. I am not a basal fan, but it was okay. There were components I really liked- vocab instruction was good, good quality big books. We actually chose Journeys, but then the company declared bankruptcy so we pulled our order quickly and went with our runner up- Reading Street- instead.

  2. This is my second year with Journeys! Email me anytime if you have a question!

    Tara West, Little Minds at Work

  3. Tanya,
    I think I commented a few weeks ago that we are beginning Journeys this year also. I had the same mountain in my classroom. Obviously, they didn't let a teacher plan the storage because those big boxes are half empty. I still don't have my guided reading books yet. We use Open Court for phonics still, but the new Journeys phonics seems really similar and the Alphafriends are so cute! I found someone yesterday that is offering free Mp3s of the calls for a Bingo Game with the Alphafriends on TPT. But I did not see the boards that she had in her pic. She is A.F. Do you have a interactive whiteboard or projector? I didn't remember you blogging about one, but alot of that mountain of stuff is online at

    The part that seems so odd to me about Journeys is that the reading skills you're teaching in Shared Reading hop all over the place. We've been using Learning Focused which advocates teaching a skill in a sustained practice format. We would do a whole unit of MI or C & E. So I'm not used to being on MI one day, and character the next.

    Maybe we can share ideas as we go. Next week (Week 2 of Welcome to Kindergarten) we have two days that focus on Environmental print. We will make a 'I can read ....(insert a label)' book and have a I can read my shirt day.

    Donna W

  4. Those lacing shoes look awesome!! I will have to check them out! Thanks for sharing!

    Heather (


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