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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meet Someone New SundayI

Hiya Peepers

Shuna P here

I hope that you had a blessed week

I started Meet Someone New Sunday about 7 months ago and I can't believe the response it has gotten! When I started I wanted to shine a spotlight on some amazing bloggers that you may not know

I have gotten so must from this community of teachers that it is simply amazing! Outsiders will not understand the strong bond that we teachers have built through the use of a blog

The connections, the resources, the laughs, the smiles, the tears and the FREEBIES have brought us together like none other!

K........enough of the mushy stuff
* I am playing around with a new banner for meet someone new! How do you like this one?*

This week our featured blogger is  Stephany from Primary Possibilities

2. How long have you been blogging?

The three of us... for about 4 months

3. Who/What inspired you the most to start blogging?

Finding educational items on Pinterest

4. What is the funniest thing a kid has told you?

Oh, my!  I once had a student say, “I have something
for you!”  and he had a dead mouse in a ziploc bag!

5. What state do you live in and how many years have
you been a teacher?
What grade  Indiana, 7th year,
Kindergarten and First

6. What are you totally obsessed with?  organization

7. If you can have one thing, regardless of price or
reasonability what would it be?

Is this where I am supposed to say, “world
peace”... but right now I would be happy with an inground swimming pool!.

complete these sentences
I could not live without
water  :) and my kids of course

I always seem to straighten things! :)
When I glare at my kiddos now I mean business

I am secretly a(n) blog stalker

I feel like a kid again when I watch/do
celebrate holidays and birthdays with my students.

10. 3 things that best describe you
organized, giggly, obessed

11. What are your top 3 fav blogs

(There are so many, but these were the first three that came to mind.)

12. What was your ah ha moment when you knew you
wanted to be a teacher?

I came out of the womb with a clipboard and was  twirling a whistle. : )
He he he..
Really... as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a

14. Best teacher tip (organization,management,etc)
15. One thing that your followers would be surprised to know

My son was born with glaucoma (very rare for a 5th
month old)..It has made me appreciate things more.

16. Make us laugh!
What is the best joke that you know or share a funny
Why was Tigger looking in the toliet?
He was looking for Pooh!

17. In a past life what would you have been?

18. What is the first thing that comes to mind
Snakes-letter s
Dogs-Tilly and Ben
Money-need some
Diets-need it
Target-bargain dollar bin
Yard Work-relaxing
Disney Movie-Lion King
Guilty Pleasure-Pinterest
TV Show-Parks and Rec
Movie-Christmas Vacation
Lifetime-movie network

Which would you choose
Dollar bin goodies
School supplies
Classroom décor or home décor- BOTH
Comfy teacher shoes
early bird

What are you in love with right now?
Fabulous clipart
KPM Doodles

Fave Font
Doodle Basic

You can find Stephany here


and now for the freebies

* If you pick up the freebies so Stephany a little support and follow her! Don't forget to tell her I sent ya!*

Peace Out Little Peepers


If you would like to be the next featured teacher send me a chirp!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Classroom Pics and a Peek at my week

Hiya there Peeps

Shuna P here

I think that I have finally found my groove

The kiddies are adjusting

My feet are content with being in real shoes again


best of all: I don't have to go to bed a 7p.m anymore!


I wanted to share with yall a quick peek at my week 

Here are some of my classroom pics first

Here is my writing board
The paper is for my TA to use when she does Guided Writing

My P.B.I.S. Bulletin Board

The students each have a monkey that has there student number
When the students earn S.T.A.R. bucks they clip them to their monkey

My crafting area for whole group instruction
The striped rectangles on the door are actually place mats that will be used to stick the spelling words of the week and word family words on

 Letter of the week and word family of the week

My bench that I have been promising to show for a while

Under my white board
The baskets on top of the crates hold my book for the week
puppets,reading skills and and letter cards.
In the crates are the students carpet folders, white boards and socks with dry eraser markers

No more arguing over what color marker they get

Get it free here


This week we have been reading Brown Bear Brown Bear

I love love love this story and the kiddos love it too

This year my kiddos need a lot of support with the alphabet

After we read the story the kiddies worked on matching the uppercase letters to the lowercase letters

Boy did this take a while

I have a couple of students who don't even know what the alphabet is


We will get there

Sentence Cards

Our spelling words for this week were I, see, the and a

We sung our spelling word songs from here

Then we practiced reading and writing those words

Alphabets in line

Cut and Paste Alphabet Sheet

We also had a teddy bear day since we read the story Brown Bear

This little cutie is telling her bear friend the letters in the alphabet

More practice with spelling words and reading the I see sentences

The students built the I see sentences and used a pointer to read the sentence

If you are interested you can check out the unit here

You can pick up some freebies to go along with the unit here and here

This week we began learning about numbers

The students went to stations to practice some number skills

Students used number stampers and playdough in this station

We practiced writing numbers and used links to show the correct amount

At my station we worked on number formation using playdough
We practiced building the number 
For example we talked about that the number 5 is made up of a backwards C, a small stick and a line across the sky

One of the many crafts that we worked on this week

This is from the Alpha Pack from Nicole @ Rowdy in Room 300

You can check out the pack here

I came home and saw this on my door step

I don't know what it is about boxes that makes me break out in a fit of giggles and turn me back into a school girl

Lakeshore sent me a little goodie in the mail 

I will be back later to show you what we did with these little ditties 

Fine motor practice anyone?

Peace out Peeps
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How do you organize student material?

Hiya Peeps

Shuna P here

This is going to be a short post

How do you organize your student material?

I have table groups and each table has their own set of supplies

Background, frame and clipart from Sassy Designs, Print Candee and Melonheadz

Thats all for now

Peace Out Peeps

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back To School Blog Hunt ( Freebie)

Hiya Peeps

Shuna P here

If you are new here pull up a chair and stay awhile

Have you been following along with the Back to School Blog Hunt?

The Lovely Mary from Sharing Kindergarten has gotten some top bloggers together to share an awesome freebie with some fabulous folks

That's you peeps

With the new school year starting for most 
everyone is filled will the giddyness that only teachers experience during the first day of school

*Butterflies start fluttering
*Brain starts dancing with wonderful ideas
*Feet start aching in anticipation
*Smiles start forming
*Bank account starts depleting 
*Last minute mad dash is in full swing*

Teachers live for the day when they get to meet their new kiddos

*Smiles will be aplenty
*Laughter will be heard
*Fun will be had
*You will be walking on cloud 9

Then suddenly it will start to rain


The cloud you were walking on suddenly and abruptly moves to the left and

you will fall hard!

Those smiling faces that once were so sweet 


not so much

Those little buggers will start to work on the last nerve

You will want to pull your hair out

Don't do that 

It will not be a good look for you!

You will want to run for the hills


you love your job so instead

 you decided to take a mental health day

Good for you

Well when that day comes

Which it will

Don't kid yourself

You are not that awesome!


Make sure your sub is all set

My freebie for ya today is a sub binder set and a to go transportation list


Included with the binder set is a portable transportation list that can be cut out and put on a binder ring

This list can be hung beside the door on a command hook and be taken outside with you during 

dismissal time!!

Simply write in the student's name and you are ready to go

Hope you enjoy your little freebie 

Check out my blogging bud Nicole to see what freebie she has posted today

Peace Out Peeps

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School and Some Freebies

Hiya Peeps 

Shuna P here

I am so sorry for my absence lately!

I am just now settling back into school life

I have been in school for a full week now

24 little kinders is going to be a breeze compared to the 33 I started off with last year

*I promise that I am going to post classroom pics soon*


I promised that I would show you all my classroom bench that I made using crates

I had a sheet of plywood cut at Lowes

I covered the plywood with and eggshell
 ( you know the thing-ga-ma-jig that goes on your bed)

I have also heard that some people use cut up sleeping mats

I covered the wood and egg shell with fabric

I folded it over and used a staple gun to secure it to the wood

I added plastic vinyl to the top to make it pee resistant and viola all set

I forgot to snap a pic of the completed bench

Here is a picture of the crates that I made to kinda give you an idea of how the bench looks

Moving on

For the first week of school it is mad chaos at my school
We went from a tiny school
To a not so tiny school
Due to rezoning

Lets just say it took us a while to figure it out

For the first week of school I had my students wear these name tags so that I could identify them

Boy let me tell ya these little tags were a lifesaver!

Pin them to your students book bags and go

You can pick up your own tags here for only $2.50!

These will also make great field trip tags

I also have been working on these Mixed Up Word Series
These have been so fun to make
They are great for tubs and easy to get ready

The kiddos use the picture clues to help figure out the mystery word. They then match the picture and the word to the correct card

If you are interested you can click here to check it out

Just in case you did not see the Case of the Mixed Up Numbers freebie I am posting it again

I also did a guest post over @ Kindergarten Lifestyle and you can check it out if you would like

Make sure to bring a boat with you for the load of freebies that you can get over there

Alrighty peeps

Peace Out

Here is a little cuteness for you


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