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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Giving you a crack @ it! Maybe YOU can be the lucky winner

IF you have not heard yet I am having a fun little giveaway with a twist over on my FB page!
I am having a FB fan trivia party! It is easy to play all you have to do is answer a question and be first with the correct answer

I post random questions and you have to figure out the answer and if you are correct you win a cool product from my store

Easy Right?

Here is an example of how to play

If I post this

With this clue

A favorite of mine!

 Hint its not food

Don't think literal

 What is it?

What would you guess?

* Fav color is yellow b/c pinapple is yellow (nope)

Too easy and I don't really like the color yellow

Would you guess?

* Shoes?

Umm nope again

My fav shoes are not pinapple!

Or would you guess?

My fav movie is Pinapple Express

Now you are thinking

but are still wrong!

I don't curse and this movie has way too much cursing in it for me

Here is what some of my fans said

Bobby said and I quote
"your nails that are painted to remind you of that great pineapple drink you had on your Hawaiian vacation."

She got creative but still no smoking gun

She then delivered this little goodie

the color of your skin and eyes due to a vitamin definiciancy?

Umm no!

These were way to funny

The correct answer is

because they have one of these

in every show

So the answer to the question is

My fav show is Psych!

Sound like fun?

You can play too

I posted this question yesterday and none of my fans got it so I though I would post it here


Here is you hint: Not my team

Hint 2: Think Color

This has nothing to do with a penguin so get that out of your mind!


Sports for that matter

Think outside the box

Use the clues and the first question as your guide!

Leave you answer in the comments

Let's be fair only 1 comment per person

If you are correct you win a product from my store ($5 or less)

You can still participate in the FB party hop on over I have 6 more questions for 6 more chances to win!

Click on FB button @ the top righ

PEace OUt Peeps

Hope to see you over there


  1. The Red Sox because they would be from New England and you have little pilgrim tops?

    This is tough!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Can I take a guess here since I already guessed on the Facebook post?

  4. AAAAhhhhh....we need another clue :D

  5. Zebra... Black and white you said think color!

  6. My guess is Whoopi Goldberg....because it reminds me of sister act!

  7. Hi Shuna,

    I left a post for you on the forum. I hope you like it:)

    Creatively yours,


  8. I found me!

    Thank you so much

    You are so talented and I have a bunch of your goodies on my wishlist that I will be getting you know when : )


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