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Friday, July 20, 2012

Classroom Progress: How it looks so far

Hiya peeps

Shuna P here

Are you still with me?

Before I show you a peek into my classroom

I wanted to share a quick pic

Today it rained for 30 mins and my yard looked like this

Across the street

See the road flooded

Friend demonstrating how high the water is!

She is much taller than I am

The water was seriously up to my freakin knees

Moving on

I have been going to my classroom this week to get it ready for the new school year

We have to report back to school August 7th but I have 4 presentations to do on Monday and

Tuesday then I am going out of town only to come back and have to go to a textbook training so

I don' t have much time to get my room set up

Here is how my class looked when I walked in the door

*Front of the room*

*Back of the room cubby wall and storage*

It was much easier to move things this year b/c the janitors unstacked all the furniture for us

* My fabric for my crate seats*

* Students trash cans and crayon buckets. The black crates will be a bench*

 * Buckets waiting to be filled*

*Calendar Folders*

* Covers for crates*

Thats all for now peeps

I will make sure to show you the finished product

Peace out peeps


  1. What store did you find that cute fabric at? I LOVE it!

    1. Thank you

      I got the fabric from Hobby Lobby

  2. Can't wait to see those crates! That project is up next on my list! :)))
    Rowdy in Room 300

    1. I have finished all of them and all I have left is the bench

      I am waiting till I have my whole room done to share pics

  3. Love your pics. My room looks much crazier than yours and I still don't seem to know where half of my centers will be housed. Oh well I've got three weeks I will fogure it out.
    Love your blog and feel for you about the rains. Gave you an award stop by my blog to pick it up.

    - Vicky

    1. This year the janitor made my life a little easier but I swear I cleaned and cleaned for 4 days straight and it seemed like I was not making any progress

  4. 30 minutes of rain did that to your yard? Oh my gosh! Good luck in setting up your classroom. I can't wait to see pictures as you go along. :) That fabric is going to look fantastic with your crate seats!!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Yep! I live down a hill and a slant! It rained so hard that it was knocking down trees and flooded the street next to my house

      And to help matters a water main broke which all to all the darn water

      Anyhoo I should be posting my room by the end of the week I hope

  5. WOW! We have not gotten hardly any rain since mid May! everything around here is DEAD! That rain looks awesome but should have come down a bit slower!! Glad you didnt float away too!!

    How are you going to make your milk box bench!? I love watching a room come together!!


    1. I am glad I didn't float away too

      To make the bench I and going to zip tye the crates together and then lay a board on top. I am going to drill two small holes on either side and zip tye the board to the crates

      The trick is to make the board really flush so that it is snug and wont move around


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