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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Guest Blogger Tanya From A+ Firsties!

*updated to add the file is now working correctly*

Hi-ya, Ms. Patterson’s peeps!  It’s me, Mrs. Dwyer, again! So nice to be back! I hope you’re having a great summer! While Ms. Patterson is out buzzing about, she let me come hang out with YOU!

One of my favorite summer things to do is pin! I *LOVE* Pinterest! Do you?  If you don’t, maybe this post will encourage you to give it a try!

Well, I’m looking for some ideas to spruce up my library station in my classroom.  I moved to a new campus last year and really had to adjust to being in a different room.  It just didn’t feel quite like home yet. This picture is from my classroom library.  Don’t laugh! I know its pitiful, but sadly…we made it work all……………………….….year………………………...long!

photo 1

I’ve been happily pinning inspiration though! Mrs. Blankenburg’s classroom inspired me because I’m considering using The Daily 5 framework this year.  These bathmats would be perfect for Read to Self spots!

photo 1

I LOVE how organized this library from looks! The pops of color from the ceiling are fun too!

photo 3

The blue and green from glitzyinfirstgrade is so soothing! I can just imagine kids cuddled up with comfy stuffed buddies to read to in this classroom!

photo 4

BUT……I think this may be the winner for me! It has everything that I’ve been looking for (but didn’t know it) and is even in my two most favorite colors in the whole wide world!

photo 2

There are actually two shelves pushed next to each other. And the best part of it all?  If I use these, I won’t have to look at the books! Ha! I can keep them stored away but accessible without having to look at the many, many books that I’d be able to store inside each little cube!

So, knowing how pitiful my library was last year and how wonderfully inspiring Pinterest can be, leave a comment below with a link to a pic from your classroom library.   I’d love to see or know how you organize your classroom library.  Is it by topic, leveled, or a combination of both?

As my 4 year old nephew would say……..sharing is caring! Help, please!? Lol! As a little incentive for you to share, I’ve got a little freebie for ya.  I’m really obsessing over organizing this library, so I’ve been working on labels, labels, and MORE labels! Need some?

Click the pic to grab them!

library labels for shuna

I hope you’re enjoying your summer vacation.  Later, peeps! Thanks for letting me visit!  I’ve got a brand new look! I’d love for you to stop by and see it some time!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A little Shopping and My Top 5

Hiya Peeps

Shuna P here

I am linking up with

and Rachelle @ Life is Sweet

Here is my top 5

NUmber 1: A kit kat bar

MY quick little pick me upper

Number 2: A Fanta Strawberry Drink

My kiddos know that I love fanta strawberry drinks! I have a thing about rattling coins in pockets or playing with it. My kiddos are very aware. So one day a one of the little sweeties was playing with her money. I politely asked her to put it up before I would take it. She didn't
It rolled
It rolled all the way across my room
Another cute little sweetie say, Hey, Ms. Patterson that goes your drink money
Yes hunny
Yes it is!

Number 2: A frozen bottle of water
not my fridge but this is what mine looks like!
I always have to have backups

I am very picky when it comes to my water
Most people says that it has no taste
They my friends are LIARS!
I can tell
I will only drink water that is cold! Very Very Very cold
Just putting it in the fridge won't do
Room Temp, umm no
I literally choke trying to drink water that is warm
So everyday I freeze a bottle of water and drink it as it thaws

NUmber 3: Toms

I love my freakin Toms! Almost as much as I love my Coach shoes
and yall know how much I love Coach!

Number 4: (which really should have been Number Uno) Expo markers

and not the fake kind! I love me some expos

The colors
The smell
The easy strokes
They perfect fit

The price tag not so much but nothing else will do

Oh how I love me some markers

NUmber 5: Plastic Storage Bins

My collection

I have a serious problem

I try to stop


I just can't


Guess what

I went shopping! Back to school shopping

I got lots of great goodies

I got these green gloves for my board cleaner to use!
and they were only a $1 for DT!

I have been looking for a microphone for-freakin-ever!

I finally found one that I liked in the party favors section at Target for $1!

I am planning to use it during whole group as a fun way to practice the CC standard speaking and listening

My kiddos have a hard time speaking correctly and I am hoping to use this and have them use it each time they answer a question during whole group

I picked these up at the Dollar Spot at Target

I love these little seat covers that the Star Student can use all week to make them feel extra special

Room Decor

Fabric for my bulletin boards

My crate seats! I love how these came out

I made some last year and I love them but I  wanted to redo them this year to make them more durable!

One of the little kiddos have a teensy weesy accident on them last year


this year I made them PEE resistant!

I found these at Target on clearance

I was so not doing a theme this year but I scooped these up and just had to use them

The table clothes were .50 cents and the plates were .10 cents!

I love dots and pretty colors so I just HAD to pick this up from Hobby Lobby

Check out the pretty paper inside

So I picked up these place mats at Walmart on clearance for .50 cents

Okay so I know that you have seen this idea for using the middle placemat to make ten frames

Both pictures are from First Last!

but I used it to make alphabet popsicle sticks

I am thinking about giving each child a cup/flower pot and have them make a alpha popsicle everytime we go over a new letter

I am also thinking that this can be used during whole group

They are not the cutest but I am going to remake them

I wanted to play around with them first to see how well they were going to turn out and see if they held up


I am nearing 1000 followers and win I do..........................
Don't forget to follow me on FB
(click the green "f" button at the top)

I will be giving away my new unit over there once I am done

 Peace Out Peeps

Monday, July 23, 2012

A little of this a little of that!

Hiya Peeps

Shuna P here

* First let be begin by saying that this post is going to be all over the place*

I just finished up a 2 new units on TpT

If you would like to check it out click on the pic

Are you a FB fan?

Don't answer that!

I am working on a new Coconut Tree Unit and I will be giving it away to a lucky fan(s)

Make sure you become a fan on FB so that you will have a chance to win this unit

Click here to become a fan


Yall know that I don't do numbers very often but I am nearing 1,000 followers and I am super exicted

I know that I only have around 830 followers right now but it is never too early right?

Plus I went from 500 followers to 700 in a little under a week so.................

I am way to freakin lazy to try to organize a giveaway so I thought I would do something a little differently


I have some great things for ya! I hope you likey!!!!!!!!!


I just found an awesome blog and I thought that I would share with yall

She has a list of links to some awesome classroom set up to give you some ideas for this year

 Her blog is super organized

She had her blog broken down by content

You can search through various subject areas and then drill down to specific skills

Then on each page she has a set of activities to go along with each skill

Can you say Common Core

Are you excited yet?

Hop on over and check her out

Peace OUt peeps!

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shhh, Can you keep a secret?

Hiya Peeps

Shuna P here

You will definitely want to check this out

You can thank me later

Click on the pic to check out some awesome goodies!

Peace out Peeps

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Classroom Progress: How it looks so far

Hiya peeps

Shuna P here

Are you still with me?

Before I show you a peek into my classroom

I wanted to share a quick pic

Today it rained for 30 mins and my yard looked like this

Across the street

See the road flooded

Friend demonstrating how high the water is!

She is much taller than I am

The water was seriously up to my freakin knees

Moving on

I have been going to my classroom this week to get it ready for the new school year

We have to report back to school August 7th but I have 4 presentations to do on Monday and

Tuesday then I am going out of town only to come back and have to go to a textbook training so

I don' t have much time to get my room set up

Here is how my class looked when I walked in the door

*Front of the room*

*Back of the room cubby wall and storage*

It was much easier to move things this year b/c the janitors unstacked all the furniture for us

* My fabric for my crate seats*

* Students trash cans and crayon buckets. The black crates will be a bench*

 * Buckets waiting to be filled*

*Calendar Folders*

* Covers for crates*

Thats all for now peeps

I will make sure to show you the finished product

Peace out peeps


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