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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Centers, New Clipart and Flash..............................

Hiya Peeps

Ms. Patterson here

Did you see my centers post over at Lacey's Blog
(sorry about the lines when I take a screenshot I always forget to turn off the grid lines)

No, well shame on you

You can check out the post here


Have yall seen the new clipart from Scrappin Doodles?

When I saw it I screamed


So much so that my newphew came into my room with his head cocked to the side and said

"TeeTee what is wrong with you?"

Nothing hunny

Go back and watch Spongebob

---------Shakes head and walks away----------

He is 3 by the way

so just as I was adding this pic his sister came in the room and said,

"Teetee I want my picture up too"

So here is a picture just for her

Now that they are both happy I can move on

Here is the clipart that caused all of the commotion

Why, you ask did I get so excited?

Pretend like you asked

Well I had 29 kiddos last year and they were all black!

It is very hard to find clipart that  represents my students so I am always so excited to see clipart that does

Scrappin Doodles has a ton of other clipart that you will sure to love! If you spent $5 or more you can use the coupon code June2012 to get 15% off your purchase


I know that I have neglected you all in the last few weeks and honestly it is because I need a little break of doing absolutely NOTHING!

It is summer, right?

Here in Mississippi is very, very very hot

So to make up for my lack of blogging, TpTing, and etc

and to help cool you down in this hot summer weather

I am giving away a flash freebie!

Click on the pic below to see what the freebie is

If you download your sweet treat I would love for you to share some sweetness and leave a meaningful comment on TpT and feedback!

A thank you is great but I would love to do what you think so that I can better my store

Peace Out Peeps!

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  1. thanks for the freebie, Shuna. What a lot of work! Your posts are so funny! We could use an upbeat person like you on staff! Teresa

  2. Thank you! Your work is always so cute. I stop by and read your blog often because you're always such a ball of energy. I love your writing style! I knew immediately why you loved that clipart. Now, why can't we get all the flavors all in one packet, huh? Anyhoo, I'll enjoy using your rhyming game. And as far as meaningful feedback, the only thing that I might change in that packet is the word suck. I'm old school and it kills me to hear a baby say the phrase That sucks. So we just tiptoe around that word and its' other rhyme.

  3. Your nephew and niece are adorable! Thanks for sharing your freebie!
    Conversations in Literacy

  4. Thanks so much for the clip art tip and sharing the freebie today. Have a blessed weekend!!!

  5. You crack me up!! Just wanted you to know!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  6. Whenever I need a good chuckle...I know exactly where to head! Thanks for the reminder about the clipart. I think its important to purchase things like this so creators know there is a need for it. Just clicked over and picked it up....would LOVE to see a "multicultural kids" set. I teach in a military community so the classrooms in our school are very diverse with families from all over the world. Enjoy your summer!


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