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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Poodles,Grease, Me So Lucky, and the Pin that just Keeps Going

Do you have that one item of yours that just keeps getting pinned over and over? Seriously are you tired of seeing the same old pin? No, well I sure am

Don't get me wrong this pin has bought alot of traffic to my blog BUT I just want to scream, " Hey I have other cool stuff, PIN ME, PIN Me!"

Do you know which pin that I am talking about?

Well if you don't let me introduce you to the imfamous item

This little one page doc has been pinned over 5,000 times viewed over  10547

In fact just as I am writing this post someone else has just discovered these little gems and have pinned them. These things have been repinned over 50 times in the last 2 minutes!

If for some reason you have not seen these you can click on each picture to download them!

Thursday was our Kindergarten Grad Program and I was so so so happy that we finished those darn

costumes! Don't get me wrong there was oodles of cuteness to be had but it was so much work!

Here is how the costumes turned out

Patterns that had to be cut out! 45 to be exact

Skirts minus the poodle! Those had to be glued on by yours truly!

Looks like a simple job but it took way too long

One stack done.................................

Two done.......................................

STill a ways to go! This is going to be a long night


it was

Boys vest that are getting cut out

Dragged the sissy along to help out

She is cutting out the boys' collar

Boy's Vest

PRe-K teacher hiding her face

Psst................ I talked her into starting a blog and a store! Look for a post about her

The Little cuties with the skirts and scarfs!

To cool

Check them out with the vest, shirts, hats, rolled up jeans, white socks and black shoes!

Back of the vest


I am so lucky that Friday was my last day

3 work days left and then it summer break

Can't wait to go to the conference and see Jennifer and Kim!

Look at me on a first name basis

Peace OUt Peeps

Enjoy you summer

Pin It


  1. Those costumes are AMAZING and too cute! What a great job!
    Love it,

  2. y'all really worked hard! They are precious! Thank you for sharing these awesome pics!! We need to plan a MS get-together soon!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  3. I have LOTS to say!
    1. I have been a follower for a loooong time....but I just got a blog.
    2. I'm so excited.
    3. I wanna be like you because you're so funny and interesting
    4. the outfits are ca-yute!!!

    Sweet Seconds

  4. OMG those outfits are awesome!!!! Love it!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  5. Your kiddos look PRECIOUS in those outfits!!! Wow! It looks like so much fun!!! Thanks for sharing the attention grabbers! I got some GREAT ideas!!! :) Sarah

  6. Nice outfits!! Great job making them!!



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