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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Meet Someone New: New Blogs on the Block

I know that I might be a little late with this post but better late than never, that what I alwasy say! This time of year is always hectic for me with all the IEP meetings, TST meetings, end of year program, testing and so on on and so on

Since I missed last Sunday I am going to post 2 new friends today! I hope this isn't against blogging rules.................................. wait a minute My blog my rules, hehe!

Long Post but there just might be something at the end for you!

The first friend is
1. Tammy from Klinger Cafe
( Soon to be Storybook Cafe')

2. When did you start blogging?
Almost two years now my first blog was called “first grade and fence posts” but was a little more personal than teachery.

3. Who inspired you to start blogging?

4. What is the funniest thing that a kid has told you?
I had a girl tell me once when we were discussing our first president that her mom knew him “she plays football with him every weekend.” Come to find out her mom was a big Washington football fan. Cracked me up.

5. What state do you live in and how long have you been a teacher?

I live in Oklahoma and have been teaching almost 11 years. My first year I taught Pre-Kindergarten and fourth grade in the same day, since then I have taught second grade one year, and first grade all the rest

6. What are you totally obessed with?
Writing, and of course blogging, and diet Pepsi I think I need help. lol

7. If you could have one thing regardless of price what would it be?

A Farm. It should have a big old two story house with a wrap -around front porch, a big barn full of animals, a pasture with horses and a white fence, and lots and lots of land with ponds and river frontage for my hubby and kids to hunt, fish, and for all of us to spend time togetherwell you said anything.

8. I could not live without.................................................My hubby and kids

my family and I on  our 25th anniversary

9. I wish my parents would more with their kids

10. When I raise my eyebrow the kiddos know I mean business!

11. I secretly want to be ___________wanna be author

12. What is something that you would like to share with other bloggers.

It’s ok to break the rules every now and then.

13. 3 things that best describe you
I love to read and write.
I am most happy when my family and friends are gathered under my roof together for food, fun, and laughter.
I don’t believe one size fits all any more than I believe one teaching style fits all
Hubby, son- Kanten, daughter-Hadley

14. What are your top five fav blogs

A Teeny Tiny Teacher
Delighted in First Grade
Two Writing Teachers
Castles and Crayons
The Teacher’s Cauldron
In no particular order.

15. What was your ah ha moment where you knew that you wanted to be a teacher?
When I walked my son into his kindergarten classroom for the first time, I remembered and I knew.

16. Best Teacher Tip
Don’t ever stop learning and changing, no class is ever the same as the one before.

Visit Tammy At

Now on to the second friend

Becky @ Teaching, Learning, and Loving

I was asked to dress up as a fireman so the kids could see all the equipment they have to wear, it was so heavy!  My kids loved it though!!

2. How long have you been blogging?

I started a few months ago.  I just looked and my first post was on January 26th, 2012.

3. Who/What  inspired you the most to start blogging?

One of my teaching idols is Kim Adsit.  I have seen her at two different conferences.  My first year teaching I went to a Kindergarten conference and she was there!  So of course, I went to almost every single session she did.  It was amazing, inspiring, and made me want to get right back in my room and incorporate everything she talked about.  Of course, that is ridiculous… esp. since I was a new teacher!  I also saw her again in Rutherford County at the DI Conference.  Yet again, I was thrilled to see her and I signed up for all of her classes!  She started a blog recently and I just loved to follow her and see what all she would create.  I also started to follow a ton of other blogs last year and I got more and more interested in it.  As time went on the teacher I used to teach next to would always tell me I could do that, esp since I was always sharing things I had made or found.  I didn’t feel like I could, because I was unsure of how it worked, etc… But luckily I consider myself a bit of a tech person and sure enough I figured a lot of it out (with some help from others) and here I am-- a blogger!

4. What is the funniest thing a kid has told you?

That is pretty hard to answer.  I teach Kindergarten so, I hear funny things ALL THE TIME!  But just recently when I was getting sick, I lost my voice. Well, when I tried to get my kids attention I kept clapping, etc… one of my sweeties said in her most dramatic voice, “Mrs. Baxter needs a sub cause she can’t talk-- yall hush!”  As yucky as I was feeling, I laughed so hard!

5. What state do you live in and how many years have you been a teacher? What grade

I live in TN.  I teach the best grade- Kindergarten! And I am nearing the end of my 3rd year teaching at the same school & grade!

My bulletin board at the beginning of the year:

What are you totally obsessed with?

Teaching Blogs! Haha   My husband is always asking me if I could even go a day without looking at them!

7. If you can have one thing, regardless of price or reasonability <----------------- don’t even know if that is a word but we are going to roll with it, what would it be?

That’s a tough question but I would have to say a villa in Italy!

8. complete these sentences

I could not live without my husband (I know cheesy).

I wish parents would read to their kids every night!

When I am not talking my kiddos know I mean business

I am secretly a(n) very talkative person! (It’s no secret!!!)

10. 3 things that best describe you



This was right after we finished our first half marathon!

Shopper- I love shopping!!!

11. What are your top 3 fav blogs


Mrs. Jump’s Class

Kindergarten Crayons

12. What was your ah ha moment when you knew you wanted to be a teacher?

My mom is a principal, and before that she was a teacher for a long time.  When I was 4 I would play teacher in her room.  So according to my mom- I was born a teacher!

13. Do you have a store/blog design company that you would like to share? Share your pinterest too

Here is my TPT Store:

I am also on Pniterest!

14. Best teacher tip

Plan at least a week ahead!  Even if it means coming up every weekend your first year (That’s what I did)!

15. One thing that your followers would be surprised to know

I am only 24 and this summer I will have been married for 4 years!

16. Make us laugh!

What is the best joke that you know

What kind of pants does Mario wear???

Denim Denim Denim

Hahahaha- it makes me laugh!  That’s one from my brother!

17. In a past life what would you have been?

A photographer that travels the world!

18. What is the first thing that comes to mind

Snakes- AHHHHHHHH, run!

Dogs- best friend!

Money- Need more…

Friday- Praise the Lord!

Monday- I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!

Pinterest- who me? I don’t have an addiction!

Shoes- Yes, please!

Food- It’s a good thing I run because I’m a fat kid at heart!

Diets- not worth it.  Work hard, and exercise and you can be healthy.

School-I love mine!

Target- I could go there everyday!!!!

Cooking- I like it, but I’m always too tired to do it.

Yard Work- love to do it!  Esp. in the spring when it’s not too hot.

Here are a few freebies:

I hope you have enjoyed meeting some new friends!
If you have not already visted them make sure you go say hello and tell them I sent you

If you would like to have your blog featured shoot me an email @


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