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Monday, April 30, 2012

BAd Girl, Computer Problems, Giveaway,TpT Freebie, Annoucement!

Okay let me preface this by saying this is going to be a long post!

Stick with me and I promise there is a goodie in it for you

Hiya peeps, Ms. Patterson here

I know I know

I have been a very bad blogger BUT I do have a very good explanation as to why!

My week started off well enough and then on Monday I received an email from a blogger, who shall remain nameless, accusing me of something that I did not do! So neverless to say that day did not go very well.
On Tuesday all of my kids  were nuts and decided that they were going to hold a contest to see who can drive Ms. Patterson crazy!
They won!
 Only 20 more day people and I can't wait!
On Wednesday I stepped in pee, I never wear shoes in class, and got rained on, by actual water not the pee.
( Do ya'll know what water does to a black person hair? No, well let me just tell you that it does not make for a pretty sight!)
 Only 20 more days is what I keep telling myself
  On Thursday my computer decided that she would not cooperate!
On Friday she refused to do anything that I asked. Humph the nerve of her to deny me! She knows what happens when I go into withdrawnal.
 On Saturday I decided that I was going to take her to the doctor to she if she could be fixed

Stick with me peeps
The computer doctor oh my word.............................

Keep reading
Once I got to the computer doctor he took  Lappy, thats her name by the way, and just looked at her! The first thing that he said was, she must have fallen off a truck, I politely said no and urged him to see if he could do anything for her. He opened her up and immediately said I don't like her she doesn't look good at all, hence me bringing her to you is what I thought.
Umm excuse me sir can you fix her is what I replied. His response way I don't like her at all she is very sick, umm thanks for stating the obvious sir, can you fix her. I don't like her at all was his response!

Okay now you are getting on my nerves! I just want her fixed

Her screen is going out, the hinge is loose, she is slow as molasses in winter and it is missing a key! You will...........................................

He just stopped

the next thing out of his mouth was
You are not running Vista are you? That is like the devil

ARe you serious? You can't be serious?

The computer doc decided that he needed to go into a long spill about why Vista was the devil

I don't care!!!!!!!!! PLease stop talking, Please

He would not stop


Okay sir you are working that last nerve! CAN YOU FIX HER?

He decided to finally answer my question
A simple yes or no would not surfice so he offered up this little tidbit

He said and I quote, that your computer is like HIV no it is way past that it is like AIDS

Umm, what? I know that you did not say that was the look on my face

I politely told him to get my computer and that I was going to take it home

He ignored me and decided his joke was so funny he had to summoned his coworkers and to  repeat it

That's it last nerve has been worked! Dude had better be glad that I do not curse and that I know Jesus!

Ugh, I just want to go home! Can I please have my computer

All I heard was loud laughing at a joke that I did not find the least bit funny
That is it I could not take it anymore!

MY little rant sounded a little something like this

Mind you I am not a curser!

If you don't give me my darn computer

What the heck is wrong with you?

YOu are gettin on my freakin nerves!

Give me my stuff

Dude something is seriously wrong with you

He must have noticed my facial expession because he quickly gave me my computer!

Are you still with me?

Here is Lappy

She served me well for 6 years!

Here is my new computer
(sorry too lazy to snap another pic of her out of the box)

I haven't decided on any names yet

Any ideas?

Buying a new computer was not in my budget

and neither were these but they made me happy!

See me happy

Enough about me

So I just finished my new unit and finally got it posted to TpT

wait wait don't run

Check it out

This pack includes everything you need to study all about farms! Inside this unit you will find 140 pages of goodies
* Farm Writing
*Voc/Word Wall Cards
*Farm picture and word cards to match
*ABC order with farm words
*27 different recording sheets for you to use including graphic organizers and center response sheets
*14 cards to practice beginning sounds
*14 cards to practice medial sounds
*14 cards to practice ending sounds
*Spin and Graph with 2 levels of difficulty
*Acrostic Poem
Fact cards for each animal (duck, cow, rooster, chicken, goat, pig, horse and sheep)
*Build a Sentence Cards
*Match animals to the products that make
(cow, chicken, goat, pig, and sheep)
*Match the animal baby to its mom blue word cards
*4 roll and cover sheets (numbers, number wood, addition, and counting)
*Race to 20
*Telling Time to Hour
*Real Word/Nonsense Word

Wait Wait don't leave now I have more!

I will give this unit away to the 3 people using the random number generator thingy!

Give me a name suggestion for my new computer and leave me a comment with your suggestion and an email addy. ( I will not track down emails please make sure you leave yours!)

Just in case you don't win here is a freebie from the unit!

Now for the annoucement I will be having 5 days of freebies to celebrate having 500+ followers

Be sure to check back each day for an awesome freebie!


  1. What about Hilda? LOL, that is the only name that came to my mind and it begins with the letter H! LOL

    I know what you mean, I had to get a new computer for my birthday-in December! Not exactly what I wanted for my birthday-but I would have gone nuts without a computer. My son didn't like me borrowing his all the time-he started calling me the computer hog! LOL

  2. How about Abigail:). I always liked that name:)


  3. How about Lapdog :) It's the cousin to Lappy ;)

    An Education Lasts a Lifetime

  4. Oh honey, I know about this hair, mine is a mini afro if moisture gets to it!! I'm so JEALOUS of the boots!!!!! I want them!!! I'm also horrible at coming up with nicknames, but I hope I win!!!! Random number generator pick me!!!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  5. How about Speedy? I hope she's faster than your other. I want a new computer so bad.
    Come enter my giveaway.

  6. Pocketz or PFK- not very creative I know. :)

    Thanks for the opportunity. Your unit looks great.

  7. How about Happy Place for HP?

  8. LOVE your new boots!!!!! I hope I win :)


  9. How about "Snappy" to replace "Lappy"? Oh, and your boots will be good to wear to avoid the pee! lol
    Hope this week is better!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  10. What a horrible week- I am so sorry! Hopefully this week will be much, much better! I am fresh out of names for your computer, especially since I would probably just call mine "Lappy 2" or "Lappy 2.0." Not very original. :) Good luck with the name search though!

  11. Oh no Shuna! That sounds like a horrible-no good-very bad week! I hope this week will be much better!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  12. You should name her Temptress! Cause she is always tempting you to blog, work, play, etc!

  13. I like Penelope... Penny for short. Sorry about the mean bloggy girl. :(


  14. Ms. Patterson I must say that I really enjoy reading your posts. I think i have had a similar experience with multiple computer doctors.... And it did not turn out well... I finally buckled down and got me a desktop... Laptops are not my friend... Computers never fit in the budge unless you have saved for them so i begged my parents to get their wonderful daughter a computer... and they gave in!!!!

    Well i hope that you have a much better week this week then you did last week... I know exactly what rain does to a black persons hair... and you are right... it isnt pretty!!! I had that issue this past weekend!!

    I was thinking maybe you could name your comupter... Lapperella... Since the last one worked so hard for you and the "Fairy godmother" has brought you something better... (I can only hope!!)



  15. Wow- what a week for you! So sorry about your computer and that you were accused of doing something you didn't do.
    Conversations in Literacy

  16. I love reading your blog! It always brings a smile to my face! Sorry you had such a cruddy week, but only a few more days of school. Hang in there! We are counting down too!
    Hope you enjoy your new computer!

  17. Woohoo....I got a new computer too! And my new box looks just like yours! lol! I didn't have near the fun you did though. I just called my sister (she is tech coordinator for a school district) and she said to "let it die" so I did!

    I'm not good with name suggestion...I'm still trying to name my car and I've had her for 4 months! Maybe Vista! haha!

    Love the packet! My e-mail is

  18. How about Topper? Get it? Lap Lappy Laptop Topper

  19. Congrats on 500! I just passed 100 and am looking for 200 now! :P I totally understand how you feel with your laptop. My school computer (my laptop, my right arm...) has had to be fixed 2 times in the past 3 years! (Both times needed a new hard drive!!) I felt helpless without it!

    as for a name..... it made me think of a friend who got a dog a few years after hers passed away. She got the same breed as before--and named it Ditto! I don't know why your laptop story made me think of that.... and I don't know why I can't think of more techy words right now.... I blame it on the E.N.D. (which is still 29 more days away for me.....)

    Rulin' the Roost

    PS-LOVE the boots!!!!!!!

  20. I think you should call your new computer Betsy:) or

  21. Like the boots!! My computer will be joining your Lappy soon!How about Toppy for a new name!! or Lappy Too! Stephanie in PA

  22. My daughter would die over those boots. Your farm unit looks great!!

  23. Your post cracked me up!!!! Sorry but I don't have a name for your new computer. I just call mine "my baby". I hope you'll still put me in the random thingy. I just started following your blog...looking forward to some more great stories.

  24. Computer Science
    I am very thankful your commenting and positng. It is related to computer.Computer is an electronics device that can accept data and instructions as input,process the data to given instructions and shows results as output.

  25. Oh wow! Sorry about your computer! It made for a good story though :)
    How about "Toppy"?
    (sorry it's all I can think of this early:)
    Love your boots!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

    PS thanks for the GREAT freebie

  26. What about Coach to match your cute, new boots? That way you will always have a smile on your face when you use it!
    Thanks for having the contest! Love your blog!

  27. What a week you have had!!! I am so glad that you got the happy ending of new coach rain boots AND a brandy spankin new laptop. WOW! I think you should name it "Happy" cause then it would rhyme. And you know how Kinders love to rhyme!

  28. I think a great name for your new laptop would be buddy.
    grace2u {at} rogers {dot} com

  29. How about Lady Dy...since there is a "dy" on it

    or maybe "Bubba"

    Congratulations on your new computer!

  30. Not very clever, but I'd go with Hewie as a computer name! Congrats on the new purchase.

    marygrippi @ gmail . com

  31. Whew!!!! What a week! I suggest you name your new computer "My Girl"! Girl, you are a blast!!! You keep me laughing and I ta-ta ya!!! Keep your chin up and keep that spirit!

  32. Hmmmm... I was going to suggest Lappy 2 but it seems someone else has already thought of it. :o( Can I still enter???? :o)


  33. I think you should name it Compy.

  34. How about Heppy (HP...)?


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