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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is buying clipart and graphics really worth it?

Like most of you I am a sucker for cutesy things! I will buy almost anything, even if I don't need it, because it is cute. I love clip art and graphics and I have been thinking about buying some for quite some time now but have never really purchased any.

I have not interest in selling anything and I only create things that I use for my classroom and share them here on my blog and proteacher

I have heard and read about most of the companies changing their tou's so it makes it very hard to share or sell anything with their graphics on it

So is it really worth it for me to buy clipart if I have not intentions on selling anything?

Is there a company that you can buy from that will let you use their graphics on free products as long as it is in pdf form?
for your help!


  1. You can use KPM Doodles clip art on free products (with credit) and her stuff is adorable... I also found a new one recently (but I have yet to purchase anything):

    Be careful though! Once you start purchasing it, it can be difficult to stop :)

  2. From the Pond graphics has a lot of great graphics and she offers some free. Also Ginger Snaps a fellow blogger has some great graphics. I like to use some of it when I send newsletters and calendars home.


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