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Sunday, October 2, 2011

STudy Bags

I also send home study bags to help my struggling students as well as those that need enrichment. Study bags are really a simple concept just a gallon sized ziplock bag and the students' number written on the front. Inside each study bag are materials to help the student master a certain skill. If the student is struggling with alphabet skills then inside their bag with be a game or activity to help strengthen that skill. The student will continue to have activities to support that skill until they master it.
The students check out the study bag on Monday and keep it all week and return the bag on Friday. Since I purchase most of the things in the bags myself the parents have to sign up to receive a study bag and I discuss with them what I expect from them. The parent must agree to use the materials and return them on the expected day or else they will not recieve any more bags.
Since most parents don't speak "school" language I include a note that tells them activities that they can do each night and how to teach their child the skill.
Some things that I include in the study bag are books, puzzles, file folder games, flashcards, manipulatives and so forth.
These have really helped my students to grow and the parents love the communication and the skill packs!

Have a great Week!
Ms. Patterson

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! Thanks for the tip of talking with the parents first and having them sign up for bags. I may be using this idea this year!


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