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Monday, October 3, 2011

A must when planning for literacy!

Readworks is an amazing website that has lesson plans for each day as well as trade books to go along with each lesson. You do have to register but it is free to do so. The site is geared toward K-6 teachers.
Once  on the site you can find lessons in the Concepts of Comprehension such as Voice, Cause and Effect, Author's Purpose, Vocabulary, Fact and Opinion and so much more.
Once you click on a catagory you will see the lesson plans that are available on the topic  already organized for each grade. It gives you the lesson plan, picks out your vocabulary words, tells you how to teach the word ( lays out exactly what you say and how the students should respond), provides print outs needed for the lesson, and aligns to the standards.

I use the printouts to make anchor charts out of.

You can also find reading passages that you can download and questions that go along with the passage!

If you find an lesson that you want to use you can save it in Your Binder for easy access.

Go check out Readworks it is an amazing website that will save you time when planning

Have a great week!
Ms. Patterson


  1. Wowee! Just what I've been wanting. :) Thanks for sharing this awesome resource!

  2. I love ReadWorks (and your blog)- I always go to that to begin planning my lessons. : )


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