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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Library Center

My library center always tend to be the boring center, for me to plan and for the kiddos to go to. Most of the time the kiddos "read" books until it is time to change staions. Most of the time the kiddos will read for the frst couple of minutes and play around the rest of the time. My students who are low tend to not read at all even though they are allowed to pick a book that they want to read and can read they still don't. The kiddos just don't have stamnia or a purpose for reading, especially right now since this is still the beginning of the year. Since one of the kindergarten Common Core standards is to read with purpose and understanding I came up with a idea to help my lackluster library center.

So here goes my idea, that came to me in the middle of the night in a dream I guess! Not sure that I was awake or dreaming that I was awake! Don't you just love when you are trying to sleep and can't stop your brain from talking to itself! Aww the perks of being a teacher but anyhoo

My idea was to do sort of a book savenger hunt
I took pictures of some of the most popular books and ones that students can readily recognize
Old MacDonald
There Was a Old Lady
 Me Too
Three Little Kittens
 Brown Bear, Brown Bear
 Five Little Monkeys

I number each picture and place them in the library center bucket.

I select about 10 books for the kiddos to use to do the savenger hunt

The students then use their recording sheet to then find the exact picture and record the page number and title
As the kiddos get better at the book hunt I plan to have then search for characters, settings, and so forth

Here is the library sheet

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