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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Centers and Freebies {Blog Hop}

I haven't had much luck with these blog hops but maybe this one will go better. Link up if you like!
I don't know about you but I love centers! Centers are my favorite part of the day, I think that I might even enjoy it more than 2:30! I wanted to do this blog hop so that we can freely share what works for us and get some new ideas and freebies to boot. My idea is to share my center creations bi-weekly since that is when I rotate new stations in. So here goes

Caps that the Captains wear. I found these at Hudson's for .4o cent
This year I have 27 kinders, a welcomed relief from the 35 that I had for the first month of school, I have 13 groups of students and 14 stations. Each student is given a animal name, what I call them during independent center work and a color name that is used when going to Guided Reading and Writing. I do centers for 1 hour for reading and 1 hour for math. To begin stations I assign a center dectective and a center captain. {Click Here to Read More} These people are responsible for all material and helping other students. The center captain wears a special hat and they are the only ones that are allowed to come to my table and ask me a question. I do two rotations a day and for the first 5 mins of each rotation I as well as my assistant walk through each station to make sure that everyone is on track and answer any questions. I use a pocket chart to show each rotation.

Right now I have these stations
Pocket Chart
name Station( Seasonal)
Post Office ( will add later)
Word Wall
Sensory Tub
TV/DVD ( will add later)
Word Family
Word Work
Fine Motor
Popcorn/sight words
*click the pic to see what I do in each station*
If you are like me I am all about visuals! Here are some Pics of my reading stations and materials. I am really bad about taking pics while we are doing stations and somehow always miss the action shot but I am vowing that I am going to get better and take some action shots next week!

Pictures of my sensory tub. For this particular one I used cute up straws and random letters and dumped them in a tub. The sheets are how I differentiated the station. Some worked on letter matching, some worked on matching upper to lower and some did beginning sounds.

Listening Center
I store the cd players and headphones in a bin next to the bench.  This week the students will be listening to Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and will complete the corresponding activity in their bucket
Alphabet Station
Students practice upper case and lower case matching. Students pick an egg and open it. Students determine when the letter is upper case or lower case and find its match on their response sheet. {Look below for this freebie}
Discovery Bottles

Spelling Station

I use those black dinner trays that come with ready to go meals for this center. I have a thing about throwing away stuff! I never know what I will need but anyhoo I store these little thingys in a ziplock bag. The trays are filled with flour, I have a whole bag sitting in my cabinet and I don't really fry sooo......! The kiddos can either use their finger or pencil to write the words. I have also used salt, rice, sand, playdoh and glitter just to give it some variation

Pocket Chart Station
 I have limited space in my room so the students take the pocket charts out of their bin and lay them on the floor
 This is a look inside the pencil box that holds the students center materials.
I have 2 students per station so inside the pencil box are two little zip bags that have all of their materials for the station. Each bag is labeled with a number and the student uses only the material that matches their bag number.

Inside the bag are the sight word cards that the students must read. The students then use the magnifying glass to read the tiny word cards and matches it to the correct sight word card. Finally the students will then use their letter titles/magnets to spell the word.

Now on to the freebies

{Click here to get the Center Freebies}

If you would like to use these but for a different skill click the pic for the blank center templates

I really like the tiny word sight word finds! If you have not heard about these you use a magnifying glass to spy tiny words hidden within a picture.

{Click Here to get these}

{Click Here to get these}

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear

click here

Sight Word Fluency Pack. Over 20 pages and different fluency charts and games

Click Here to get these
Graphics and Templates from

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