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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A center management idea

Okay so I have orginally posted about how I organize centers here. I used a pocket chart to display my centers that was located on the back of my easel. I did not like that my easel had to sit in the middle of the floor during center time and due to space that was the only place that I could store the chart. I have since moved the chart to the back of my door. This is so much better for me but the students could not see if unless the door was closed so I came up with a new idea. I already have center captains in my classroom so my idea was to use them so that they could quickly identify which center they go to next.
Here is the pic to the pocket chart that is now on the back of my door
I made a second set of the same cards that I have on my center pocket chart.
A pic of how the cards look ( Each student has their own group name and card with the pic of their name. All my group names are safari/jungle names since that is my theme)
I then rounded up some of  those cute paper clips ( ones that I have had since I was in college and never used!) Wow can't believe that I have been out of college for 3 yrs! If only I know then what I know now I would have not been in a rush to be "grown" I don't want to play anymore being a grown up is no fun, ugh : ( But  Any hoo

I then wrote each center number around the edge of the card
Students then clipped their paper clip on the center number that they start with that day. ( Part of the center detectives job is to check the pocket chart and clip the number station that they will go to that day.) When we get ready to go to stations the detective can get their bucket and go directly to their center without me having to say anything. When we get ready to do the second rotation the center detective simply slides to the next number! I have used this system for the last week and it has worked great.
* I have each station labeled as well as each center bucket labeled with the number that matches the card that the students carry. I also have my stations going in order around the room so that the kiddos do not watch time looking for where they are supposed to go next!*

happy almost friday
Ms. Patterson

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