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Friday, August 12, 2011

MY First Blog Hop: Classroom Pics Post Yours! I am excited

My library
Classroom Economy board!

Some of my desk and a book shelf with the monkey shower curtain

end of the day poem

Library Corner

MY hall passes and center captain hats

Common Core standards chart

MY noise level control, behavior bingo and rules of the jungle poster! The two pencil boxes on the wall hold our numbers that we use to for place value and the other box holds our cheer cards
Schedule Cards and listening center
MY crafting/whole group book shelf with all my materials for reading and math! The 1 2 3 bins I love and got from IKEA. some of my crate seats

Cute container that I made plus morning calendar questions

Sorry pic is so blurry! This is in my guided reading area and where I will hang up my anchor charts or model what we are doing during center time! I really tried this year to figure out what I would do with all those anchor charts that I create!

MY Clip Chart

Curtains makes the room look more homey!

I have sheet protectors like these posted all around my room for center directions and I Can Statements. This year I wanted to improve the way that I communicated expections and directions to my students
View from my front door

My storage area in my guided reading area

MY pointers. I so love pointers and these are only for ms. Patterson! The kiddos know not to touch mine. I made the zebra container from a Taco Bell cup that I covered with zebra duct tape!
View from the back of my room

Wild about reading board that I used for guided reading also. The pocket chart is attached to my door and I use it for a variety of activities. If you look at the top of the board on the left you can see the kids pointers!

Listening center The box on the right holds books that the kiddos can listen to and the box on the left has the headphones and cd/tape player in it. I got the cute bins from IKEA

Another view from the front of my room. Word Wall in the back ground
Word Wall and sink. The animals on top of the board are peel and stick stickers! I love these they are repositionable and come off clean. I have used them for 3yrs

View from front Door

Center Captain Hats that I got very cheap

I love love love my calendar area this year!
MY PBIS board for the kiddos. They earn tickets that they can clip to their monkey on the vine. At the end of the month the kids count their tickets and use them to go to the school wide celebration and pbis store

Front Board and Crafting Area

Classroom Economy Board The papers are how the muchkins can earn, spend and lost money

My pointers that I made!

Drop box and sentence storage area

Behavior bingo and Attention Getters

These attention getters have been updated!

You can click the pic to get the new and improved version

My room. I am so proud of it this year!
Jungle Job Board

MY crafting area with my crate seats. These turned out much cuter than I thought they would be!
Back of my room
Guided REading Area organization

ms. Patterson

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  1. Such a cute room!! Thanks for sharing photos!!

    Miss J


  2. Thanks for visting my blog and checking them out. I apprectiate it so much

    Ms. Patterson
    Pocket Full of Kinders

  3. Thanks for stopping by and inviting me over!!!! Your room looks wonderful and is so inviting! Your kids are so lucky!
    I LOVE your crate seats! I can't believe you made so many!
    I'd love for you to grab my button and add to your blog roll!

    Have an amazing school year!

    A Teacher's Treasure

  4. LOVE your room! What is a "drop" box? Is it a box for items that are lost/misplaced/found on the floor?

  5. Thank you aLL VERY much! `

    Weety that is Exactly what I am going to use it for to place misplace objects in but the orginal purpose of a drop box that others use it for is to place notes from home and lunch money in

    MS. Patterson

    Pocket Full of Kinders

  6. Awe! I absolutely LOVE your classroom pics!! Very Cute. I love the jungle theme and I am glad I decided to do it this year. I also wanted to say that I love your donor giving page! I have tried to get the alphabet phonic tubs for a year but the whole project didn't get funded before deadlline. I am trying again, so I am hoping for good results this time!!

  7. LOVE IT!!!! Turned out so cute!! All you jungle themed classrooms make me want to change my mind!! lol. And did you put your calendar on a bulletin board?!?! What a genius idea!!


  8. Awesome classroom! Where did you find your Jungle clipart? That is the theme for my classroom this year too, and I would love to put up those signs in my room!

  9. Hey do you think I could get a copy of your calendar morning cards? Thanks.

    Miss J

  10. I love the pictures of your room! I'm going to be starting my 2nd year of teaching and have a jungle theme as well. I was wondering where you got/or if you made your cute clip chart for behavior AND same with your volume levels on the whiteboard! I love them and have been looking for something as cute as these for a long time! Would you be willing to share??



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