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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Modge Podge of a Post! Word Fam, Color Words, Book Ideas, Oh My!

Over at Proteacher there is an interesting thread going on! It is call A Fact a Day. The idea is that you would teach a new fact for each day  with the number in it that you are at school. For example the fact for DAy 1 could be: Dolphins sleep with 1 eye open!
When I read it I thought it was a cool idea!
Here is the list so far. some numbers are missing so if you have a fact for that number please leave a comment and share! A final list will be posted when the list is complete
Fact A Day _1_

Here is another {gem} of an idea that I found. The teacher is doing a year without homework experiment! ( My principal will so not go for this) Instead of sending home homework she has created some weekly/monthly documents that parents can use. She has a document a month for reading, writing, math, science and social studies. Since I teach kindergarten I thought that these would be an excellent addition to our homework since many of my parents don't know how to "teach" reading.

She was kind enough to let me post a couple of docs

Here is an example of the reading parent education form
Reading Begins at Home Sept

Here is an example of writing
Wonder Writers Issue One

If you would like to have these and the rest of the files  to help support your parent check the website out

Now on to some complete randomness!
How do you teach word Families? We do not have a set block of time to do word Families so I have to teach it during my morning meeting. Here is a example of somethings that I use

The First thing I use is Word Family Poem posters.

I find the most of the poems {here} and some of the poems I make up on my own. I review these with the kids the first week that they are introduced. After we have reviewed the poems they then more to the library center as a reading option for the students.

I also use posters like these to help review a Word Family. I have various different ones: some with just the picture, some where they have to draw a line from the word to the picture some with missing medial or ending sounds.
The students use magnets to spell the words. I also dump a bunch of letters in a sensory tub, right now it is cut up straws, and the kiddos scoop the letters to spell the word using a spoon or shovel!

I have these posters that I use for each word fam that serves as my anchor chart!

I also use the sensory tub that I mentioned above for lots of other centers like this one

This Week we learned about color words. We read the book Mary Wore Her Red Dress. The students loved this book so I created a book for them to practice spelling their color words. I so use the Frog Street Press Color Songs CD.

A copy of the front of the book and the first page. I left a blank for each time a color word was used in the book and the students used the letters at the bottom to spell the word
 Kids spell the color word and reads the story!

Okay the next couple of Photos are total randomness!

Some Happenings From Ms. Patterson's Class!

We Made our own clay and used it to make clay crafts! It was so much fun

We read The Wheels on the bus and made our own buses!
I finally have figured out how to make these little lovlies!

happy Teaching From Ms. Patterson's Kinder Class

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