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Friday, August 5, 2011

A How to Sort of Post

So awhile ago I posted about how to make cute things using word and powerpoint on ProTeacher. By no means and I am expert when it comes to creating things but I dabble around on the computer and can usually figure out things quite easily!

Someone recently found something of mine that I had created on pinterest and asked me how I did it so I thought that I would share with all of my bloggy friends, not that many of you need it.  But anyways here goes my little mini tutorial on how to make things using word or powerpoint. ( I have Word 2003 so all advice is coming from that perspective)
Here is my tip for making a patterned text box
1. Click insert text box
2. Double click on the box and you should see a pop up
3. Make sure the color and lines tab is selected at the top
4. You can change the fill color and transparency in the fill section
5. The next section is the line section
6. Click on the color draw down box and look at the bottom of the box it should say patterned lines
7. You can select the pattern that you want on the same page you can also change the color of the pattern. Make sure to stay on the patterned page and select color otherwise it will not work
Click the foreground drop down menu to change the color of the drop down menu.
8. click ok once you are happy
9. Now click on the style drop down menu under lines and select the width

Example of patterned boxes
Click here to learn about backgrounds and borders
Click the pic to learn about text wrapping and word art
How to add fonts
Last is my list of fonts ( I have since uploaded about 30 more)
Hope that this post can be of use to someone else!
*** Another random tech tip that I just figured out***
Have you ever been surfing the internet or a board and try to open a document that was created in a newer version or word or powerpoint? If you are like me and have an older version when you click to open you get a funky looking code right
All you have to do is open your version of word/powerpoint first, in my case 2003, and then click to open the new docx and word will automatically covert it to a doc that you can edit
Works for me just thought that I would share

ms. Patterson


  1. I've never even clicked on pattern! Thanks for posting!


    Camp Kindergarten

  2. oh my gosh you have no idea how excited I was to read this post. I have been trying forever 2 weeks now to figure out how to install fonts. I'm soooooo grateful you posted this. Thanks thanks thanks!

  3. Okay Girl I just learned how to make a button grabber and host a linky party because you mentioned it!!! I am so excited...and my head hurts from learning all that. So...will you link up and give a top ten for me??? pretty please!!!!
    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

  4. What is the name of your blog font?

  5. Miss Witse

    The text font is Covered by Your Grace

    The Blog Title font is Fontdiner Swanky

    Ms. Patterson
    Pocket Full of Kinders


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