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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Freebie Jungle Job Chart and a Reminder!

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I am frantically trying to complete my 2000 mile long checklist before school starts back! It seem like everytime that I cross something off another 2 or 3 projects find their way onto my list. I start school back this Tuesday and the kiddos come on Friday. Where did the summer go? This by far has been the shortest summer that I have experienced.

So one thing that I noticed that I needed to complete is a jungle job chart for my classroom jobs. I included a short explanation of each of my jobs that I have.

line leader-Gets to lead the line for the whole week

trash collector- Doesn't sound fun right? My kiddos love to slide around on the floor and pick up the most minute pieces of paper on the floor

center captain- I have one for each of my 12 groups and they are the ones who answer the kiddos questions in that group ( sort of like ask 3 before me) and if they can't figure out a problem in the group then the captain comes and tells me. They also are the only ones that get to touch the center bucket and pass out material! They all want this job!

Center detective- they inspect and make sure that all material is present that is needed in their center. The also make sure the center is clean and all material is placed inside the bucket. If center captain fails to clean or return material they lose money for their cups( I use a classroom economy) and the rest of the team loses 1 penny

Errand runner- takes notes to office or goes out the classroom on a errand for the teacher

Fork/spoons- Passes out utensils in the cafeteria

Napkins- Passes out napkins when we wash our hands before we go to lunch and in the lunchroom

Soap- Gives soap when washing hands before lunch

Pointer- Gets to hold the teacher's special pointer and point to things on the board/projector during morning meeting, during fluency and during math

Assistant- helps pass out papers, takes up folders, get manipulatives and helps get center material together

Banker- Helps with our classroom economy store ( I pick the person for this job)

Cashier- Passes out all money earned at the end of the day! Helps with selling in our classroom economy store ( I pick the person for this job)

I use a classroom economy in my classroom and students pay for jobs that they want. Students are able to use the money that they have earned to pay for a job. If students are doing their job correctly they get paid for their job.

(Click here to see my classroom economy)

Now onto the freebie
In order for me and the students to keep up with who has what job I made the following cards to display on  the board. I attach a magnet to each card and place on my white board.

Click here to grab this set!

*** If you would like me to add a job just leave a comment with the job that you want added and your email addy and  I will create it for you!*********

Hope your enjoy! Feel free to show some love and leave a comment.

Ms. Patterson


  1. WOW!! thanx for the great stuff!

  2. Love your site! Super cute! One thing, though, I was wondering if the sheet "How can I spent it" should read "How can I spend it" instead. Great ideas for your kiddos, though!


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