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Friday, August 26, 2011

Behavior Linky Party

Lesson Plan Diva and Fun in First  is hosting a behavior plan linky party.

I use a couple of different things to manage behavior in my classroom . The first thing that I use is a classroom economy. I use this to help the students be more responsible for their actions. I have ways that the students can earn more, lose it and how they can spent it. If you would like more info you can check out the post here!

Another thing that I use is a clip chart. I love this. Students can clip up or down depending on their behavior. Check out this post for a detailed and I mean very detailed post on the clipchart and how it works. ( Mrs. Bainbridge's Class)

*sorry this isn't a better pic*

Here is the recording sheet that I attach to the back of my newsletter so that parents can see what level that their child is on each day. I did not create this and I forgot where I got it so if you know let me know I will gladly give credit!
Click here to view the letter I send home to parents explaning the clipchart. ( Mrs. Bainbridge's class)

Lastly for behavior I use a whole group behavior bingo

Inside of the bucket I have small balls that have numbers on them. EAch day I tell students what behavior I am looking for. Each time I see the whole class displaying that behavior I pick a student come pull a number(s). Students then color the number(s) on the chart. EAch time they fill up a row or column they earn a reward. The reward could be extra recess, no morning work, extra computer time, class snack, movie and etc. The behavior bingo chart can also be used for when students turn in all homework, each time the class gets a compliment for staff, no tardies, or whatever you decide that your class needs to work on. Since I teach kinder I made a chart that goes to 50 instead of 100. I took forever for kids to earn the reward when I used the 100s chart.
Behavior Bingo

Check out Lesson Plan Diva to see what others do for behavior management and grab yourselves some awesome freebies while visting and maybe even some far out ideas!

Happy Teaching

Ms. Patterson

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