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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Umm, Did I Really Say That! I did didn't I !!!!!!!

Mrs. Bainbridge's Class is hosting a "My teacher always says..." linky party! Isn't it funny when our kiddos start saying our words back to us!?
Here is my list

1. Umm, no SIr no Ma'am
2. Excuse me
3. Feet front lips closed
4. I think we need to try that again
5. Hunny bunches of oats/ Hunny bun/Sweets
6. Seriously!!!
7. Get it together
8. I am not your paper towel
( It is something about my clothes, doesn't matter what I wear, that attracts little hands)
10. Take a brain break
11. Walk Please
12. Freeze
13. Put your thinking caps on!
14. You are messing with their personal bubble!
( When students are constantly nagging their peers to get a reaction)
15. You don't get paid to be a teacher I do!
(Whatever you want to do my job I will gladly sit down)
16. Ms. Patterson? Who is that? She left the building
17. Umm No that's not going to work for me
18. Negative
19. Can I get you to not do that?
20. Bottom Down Please!


  1. We must all have one like #17... my kiddos know that when they start "Mrs. Bainbridge-ing" me and I say, "she's not here" that I need a 5 second break! :)

    Thanks for joining my linky party!


  2. Love 18! I use it a lot. Since I'm a Top Gun fan, a lot of the time, I include, "that's a negative Ghostrider. The pattern is full." Every once in a while I get students who know where it's from ;).


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