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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pet Peeve Linky!

The Bubbly Blonde Teacher is having a linky party. What are some of your pet peeves?

Here goes my list

1. Following me around the room tapping on me!
2. Popping gum
3. Tapping pencils on the desk
4. Asking me the same question over and over and expecting the answer to change
5. Shaking crayon buckets

So what are some of your pet peeves? Head on over to the Bubbly Blonde Teacher and create your own list

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Website Spotlight! Need Center Ideas/Printables Then Check this one out

child Care Land is a great resource for primary teachers looking for center ideas and printables! child care land is run by Shelley Lovett
She does sell resources on here site but she has a huge freebie section that is definitely worth checking out!
While visting be sure to check out

1. The free printables sections
2. Video teaching tips
3. Teaching Idea Pages ( she has a ton of them)

Learning Links
Can be used for number matching,sequence, patterns for additon and subtraction
Building addition and subtraction sentences

Playdough letter writing

Alpabet Discovery Bottle

Magnetic Paint Can Spelling

Alphabet Playdough mats

Playdough NUmber mats
Alphabet and number CArds
math activities with playdough

ms. Patterson
Go on over and check her out! Click here

If you have any website to share with be show some love and leave a link
I love blog hopping and web surfing!

Website Spotlight!

Website Spotlight

You may have already heard of him but in case you haven't: Teacher Tipster

 At Teacher Tipster  there are hilarious videos on a plethora of classroom topics.
Mr. Smith is very creative and gives you ideas for your classroom that will sure to inspire

Here is a small sample of some of his vids but by no means it the list comprehensive
Kaboom Addition

Power Towers: So easy to make and fun for the kiddos
I am definitely doing this in my classroom! With the new Common Core standards in place for my district this would be a perfect to practice place value

For those times you need something else to say besides: good job, Wow or great!

A collection of tunes he uses!

Click here to visit his website
You can follow his Facebook page by clicking here!

Ms. Patterson

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Check out this Giveaway!

Erin at Creating and Teaching is having a Giveaway to celebrate reaching  100 followers!

She is giving away a cute little teaching sign Like the one below
Click the Pic to go to her blog!

Randi at Hoppy Kindergarten is having a giveaway but only for 24 hours! She is giving away any item that you choose from her TpT store. All you have to do is follow her store and blog about her giveaway. Thats it! No waiting, no random number generator and no crossing your fingers and hoping!

Another Great Giveaway over at Eberhart's Explorers!

she is thrilled to have 200 followers and has decided to having a Christmas in July of Sorts
3 lucky winners will be awarded on Friday the 29th

Here is what you can win

So go on over and check it out!

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I am having another giveaway!

I have 120 followers and I am really excited about it! I have only been blogging for about a month and I have enjoyed every second of it!
This giveaway is huge and I hope that each of you enter for your chance to win!

One of my classmates that I went to college with has her own company called HUE 529!

She has oodles and oodles of cuteness at her store you should go check it out!
Here is some samples of her Work
Student desk! cuteness to the max!

teacher sign

custom canvas
Teacher Clipboards

*This is not a complete list of what is available Just a small sampling*
In order to help bring awareness to her store and my blog we teamed up to have a giveaway

First Prize

will win $30 to spend at her store on whatever you wish
*She will customize whichever piece you select*
Second Prize
A $10 gift card to Target

Third Prize
A Delicious cookbook filled with over 200 recipes!

So are you excited yet????????????????????
I sure am!

Here is what you have to do to enter

1. Follow my Blog ( Leave 1 comment saying so)

2. Grab my cute blog button and post ( Leave 1 comment saying so)
3. Like Hue 529 on Facebook ( Leave 1 comment saying so)

4. Leave a comment on her Hue 529 page telling her you are visiting from Pocket Full of Kinders! then leave a comment here   (Leave 1 comment saying so)

5. Add my blog to your blog roll ( Leave 1 comment saying so)

6. Blog about this giveaway with a back link and the link to your post! ( Leave 2 comments saying so)

7. Tell what you would buy if you won the $30! ( Leave 1 comment saying so)

Giveaway ends August 7th!!!!

That is eight chance to win!
I am hoping with this giveaway I will reach 200 followers!
Good luck and Happy Blogging

ms. Patterson

Classroom JObs

I did the post for a Linky that Has since been deleted but I thought why not share!
Everyone has classroom jobs in their room. It makes life so much easier. I teach kinder so classroom jobs are part of my management system. It is a great way for me to teach my kinders some responsibility. I use classroom jobs in conjunction with a clip chart and a classroom economy
here goes my list of jobs

line leader-Gets to lead the line for the whole week

trash collector- Doesn't sound fun right? My kiddos love to slide around on the floor and pick up the most minute pieces of paper on the floor

center captain- I have one for each of my 12 groups and they are the ones who answer the kiddos questions in that group ( sort of like ask 3 before me) and if they can't figure out a problem in the group then the captain comes and tells me. They also are the only ones that get to touch the center bucket and pass out material! They all want this job!

Center detective- they inspect and make sure that all material is present that is needed in their center. The also make sure the center is clean and all material is placed inside the bucket. If center captain fails to clean or return material they lose money for their cups( I use a classroom economy) and the rest of the team loses 1 penny

Errand runner- takes notes to office or goes out the classroom on a errand for the teacher

Fork/spoons- Passes out utensils in the cafeteria

Napkins- Passes out napkins when we wash our hands before we go to lunch and in the lunchroom

Soap- Gives soap when washing hands before lunch

Pointer- Gets to hold the teacher's special pointer and point to things on the board/projector during morning meeting, during fluency and during math

Assistant- helps pass out papers, takes up folders, get manipulatives and helps get center material together

Banker- Helps with our classroom economy store

Cashier- Passes out all money earned at the end of the day! Helps with selling in our classroom economy store

Here is a copy of my classroom economy. Click here

So what are some of your jobs

Ms. Patterson

More Freebies: Dr. Seuss

Don't you just love Dr. Seuss!
I totally heart him. Although my theme this year is not Dr. Seuss I can't resist putting up some posters and reminders for my kiddos in our library! After all he is the most amazing writer and most of the kiddos already know who he is or at least know some of his works!
I am all about inspiring my kiddos and giving them a push to read more. I want to foster a love for reading and books  in my students especially since books are becoming extinct!

I am going to poster these on my wall in my reading center but these can also be printed and blown up into posters.

I hope that you can use these!
As always look around and share some love
By Commenting! 
If you like what you see Please consider
Following my Blog!
Ms. Patterson

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Freebies: Center Games

It has been storming here, not raining but storming all day today! since I could not get my back to school shopping in I decided that I could use this day to finish up somethings on my back to school checklist.

With pinterest and PT I seemed to be adding more things to my checklist then checking them off!  I start school back in about 2 weeks I thought that I better get my behind in gear and start dwindling down that monster of a list!

The first thing that I have is a Beginning of the Day poem that someone of PT found. I didn't make up this poem but I typed it out so I can go to my resource center and have it blown up into a poster! There are three different versions so you can find the one that speaks to you

**** Updated to Add***

I have recently updated the Good Morning Poem

They are much cuter now and in a  format which you can display

Click HERE to get it

Ms. Patterson

If you like the freebies
Please consider showing some love
and comment and follow My Blog!

Pull up a seat and get comfy. Look around
I don't mind guest!

Templates from Just So Scrappy

Do you like Totally Love Pinterest? This linky is for those addicted, Like Me!

Check out this linky at Michelle Math in the Middle
If you are addicted to pinterest like I am then this is definitely the linky for you!

You can follow my Board on Pinterest by simply clicking the red bar on the sidebar or clicking here

Freebies Galore!

I have been creating up a storm today and thought that I would share with all of you. I have truly gotten some great things off all of your blogs and thought that I would share some of the things that I have created for my classroom

The first  couple of uploads are some predictable books that I made. These were my first attempt at making and entire book so I hope that you enjoy them
Little Mummy Little Mummy

Santa Santa What Do You See

The next Several downloads are search and finds! A search and find is like a word Hunt that the kiddos use magnifying glasses to spy words. The kids think that it is so much fun to find tiny words

Here is one for Verbs

Verb or Not a Verb

Here is one for number recognition. Use with a hundreds chart
New Magnify and Find

Here is a noun search and find
Noun Search and Find

If you like these check out 1st grade Learning Stars to score a boat load of these!
Here is a Noun Work mat. Kids use the picture cards and put them in the correct column

Work Mat Nouns

Graphing Cards that I use each morning and discuss with my kids during our morning meeting time.
Each of my students have a bug with a magnet on the back of it. I pick a graphing topic and display it on my board. Each morning when the kiddos come in they select their choice and move their bug under that choice on the board. When I get ready to take attendance I just simply look and see who's bug is left! Then we discuss our graph that we created!

Graphing Cards

Hope you enjoy the freebies! If you like them and would like to see more consider following my blog.

Templates are from Just so Scrappy
Go check her out
It is cuteness
to the max!

ms. Patterson

Friday, July 22, 2011

Website Spotlight!

check out this totally awesome website.

This is  a ProTeacher friend and she has awesome ideas and is so very creative! She is constantly creating new things and adding to them the  site regularly! She is awesome and always willing to share her work.
The purpose of her website is to share with other teachers things that she creates for her own classroom use.
A bit about Tonya
This is her 6th year teaching
She has taught Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Currently teaches 3rd  and Loves It
Has a love for all things frogs!
She is super duper creative!

Here are some of the things you can find on her site

Bingo Board

Gift tags
** she also has one that say we need s'more teachers like you**

Marzans Thinking clouds

Daily Five Baskets

The infamous brain bubbles

You can find all of these ideas and more on her site. Go check her out and tell her that I sent you!
Oh and did I mention that she has ALL of these printables on her site for FREE!

I truly aprreciate her and her willingness to share and help others! I am a better teacher because of her!

If you are not a member of ProTEacher consider joining! It is a great place for teachers to share ideas and get others perspective. It is super easy to join so go check it out

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Day in First Grade

Mrs. Tabb at Another Day in First Grade is having a giveaway and it is super easy. All you have to do is blog about the giveaway and the freebie is yours!

Here is what she said:
I'm going to do this. It'll be free to anyone who blogs about this mini-unit. I don't have enough energy for another if you want it, post it on your blog and tell your friends to snag the limited time freebie, and leave me a comment telling me you've blogged it WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS so I can send it to you...for FREE!
This is limited though. I'm going to Vegas and I'll be back Monday. SO you have until Sunday (7/24) to do this giveaway homework. I will send out the units on Monday night!"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Giveaway

Mrs. Stamp's Has reached 100 followers and I am sure you know what that means!
Absolutely Nothing

I mean really!

Seriously! Nothing special

Still don't believe me?

Just kidding! She is giveaway a sweet treat.

She is thrilled that 100 wonderful folks have decided to follow her little blog. How exciting!!! To celebrate she is having a giveaway for something cold and sweet--I know this weather has been making me think of ICE CREAM!!

1st prize = $15 Coldstone Creamery gift card

2nd prize = $10 Coldstone Creamery gift card

click the Sweet Treat

To enter!

Thank you Thank you Thank you

I would like to thank Miss Paxson a great blogger and fellow pROtEACHER FRIEND FOR HELPING ME! I CANT EXPRESS THE GRATITUDE THAT have for you right now!

Miss Paxson Created this beatiful new button for me! I have literally tried over and over to do this but some how my code always ends up being broken!

Thank you so much! You didn't have to do it but I am so glad that you did

Check out Kindergarten is a Jungle
click header to visit and Follow her!

Check out this totally awesome Linky

Kim over at The Teacher's lane is having a wicked, totally rad linky party. She is having a grade level linky party!

 I too  love looking at all the teaching blogs out there, there is so much inspiration! But since there are so many teachers in the blogging community, it's just hard to know about them all! It can also be hard to find blogs that are specific to your grade level. So I thought, why not try to organize them?

This is great exposure for new bloggers and you can quickly find other blogs on your grade level.

If you add you link to her blog please consider following her! You can also follow me Hehe

                            Click here to Go to site

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My version of the End of Day/Year Poem

Hello my Dear Bloggy Friends

I have been busy looking for ideas and creating things for my classroom. Where did my summer go? I offically start school back on August 12! Anyways I was on pinterst ( click to see my boards) and found this cute end of the day/year poem.

Mrs. Cooley over at First Grader.... at Last Posted this cute poem idea!

Dr. Jean also has a free Downloadable book using the same poem.

Here is my version of the poem that I am going to enlarge and post in my room
(click Pic to download)

Totally random but I learned how to take a screen shot! I am giddy over here!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Linky Party Invitation: "Welcome Students" letters/notes

First Grade Frame is having her first Linky Party! Show her
some Love and Join in on the fun!

This year I am going to send home postcards and Magic ConFetti!

This by no means is something I created. If you Know who made this Let me Know so I can Give Credit. I found this on ProTeacher

Back to School Confetti

To use the Magic Confetti you send the attached file and a small bag of confetti home to students before they come on the first day of school. I thought this was a really adorable idea and helps the kiddos feel more comfortable on the first day of school!

click here to Join in on the Fun!


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