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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tales of a Broke Teacher

So it is the end of June and I am patiently waiting for July to get here. Don't get me wrong June has been very good to me, afterall it was the official beginning of my summer. June has brought me a time to just chill and relax. As I sit here on my couch watching NCIS again and shovel through this huge stack of mail, that I have been neglecting, I find my bank account summary. As I sit here blinking wildly at the total I began to wonder how my account had dwindled to next to nothing. Where did all my money go? I stare at the charges, this can't be right, I say to myself! I examine the statement very closely to find an error in their calculating but alas I don't find one. This is a shocker to me and it hits me like a tons of bricks, and huge tons of bricks! I remember how I got to this place that has left me with less that 20 dollars oh how I remember. It all started innocently enough with a shopping trip to TJ Maxx. I went in to buy my dad a Father's Day gift and a birthday present but it quickly turned into me looking clothes. As I made my way to the counter, with nothing for my dad, the nice lady at the counter said ma'am you total is $231. What? How? I thought well since I have not bought any clothes in months then I should treat myself plus I had lost a whole dress size YaY ME!

After the clothes shopping I decided that I had treated myself enough and decided that I would not spend any money on myself. It worked well for a couple of weeks but sitting at home not doing anything made me realize that I could start working on my classroom for next year. So I hopped on over to PRoTeacher for some ideas and tips. All of these teachers with their ideas got me really excited and wanting to try the ideas in my classroom. So I made a list and went shopping Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Dollar Store and Target were in my sights. Once inside these stores I became a sucker for cute and colorful. Ugh, so as I sit here and wait patiently on July. I blame ProTEacher for my less than impressive bank account! Hope July will be a much better month for me, fingers crossed.


  1. You found I found you:)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I added you to my lists of blogs.
    A Place Called Kindergarten

  2. Girl do I know what you mean!! I have to wait until July so I can start my teacher to-do list!! I can't wait to see what you made!! Thanks for joining my blog!!

  3. I just did some serious spending at Hobby Lobby today. It all just adds us so fast!!

  4. Ugh, BAck to school shopping and planning are going to be the death of me! I have already found somethings that I want. Hurry up July, pretty pretty please

  5. Dollar Tree, Target and Ross are my faves! Now that I am FINALLY on vacation, I can spend some time store hopping!!!

    Thanks for following my blog, Coloring Outside the Lines. I'm a follower of your blog now!

  6. I just found your blog! I love all the colors! During summer vacation it is way too easy to spend money on cute things! Especially since we have all of this time to put everything together for next year. :) At least we're doing our part to stimulate the economy, right? Hee, hee!


  7. I am so with you! I always wonder where my money goes. Then when back to school hits, I really have to be frugal! I love to spend too much in my classroom. Thankfully I was able to teach Summer School this year and earn a few extra bucks. I figured that I am up there too much anyway so I might as well get paid for it! Enjoy your summer. Check out my blog! I am new and only have a few followers.


  8. I love Hobby Lobby and Target! I am going to be in some serious danger when they start putting out school supplies in mid-July (it's amazing how fast things from the Dollar-Spot add up). Guess, I'm going to have to budget the first half of the month :).
    :) Lana


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